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Benzie County Stray Dog With Two Broken Legs Receives Money for Surgery


The plight of a stray puppy discovered badly injured in Benzie County has prompted an outpouring of support from pet lovers across the nation.

Good Samaritans found the puppy, dubbed “Broken” because its front legs are fractured. Benzie County Animal Control Supervisor Jaime Croel responded to the call on Christmas Eve and observed a badly wounded pooch.

To read the rest of the story, please click here.

For adoption information, please contact the Animal Welfare League/Benzie County Animal Control.

Photo credit: Record-Eagle/Glenn Puit


Update from Bay Area Pet Hospital: For those of you that were following along with our puppy with the broken legs (St. Nick), I am happy to report he was picked up from our hospital. Tail wagging and walking, he will now begin the search for his forever home. He is the sweetest boy and we hope he gets enough love to compensate for the horrible start he has had to life. Bay Area Pet Hospitals would like to thank you all again for your support, you are all appreciated very much!

Update from Oakwood Vet, Jan. 6, 2013: Saint Nick came in for a recheck this morning with Dr. Henshaw. Here is a video of him walking down the back hallway at Oakwood. Amazing to think he had two broken legs just over a week ago! (sorry if the video plays sideways). Click here for video.


AC PAW Has Been Awarded Spay/Neuter Funds from the Michigan Dept. of Agriculture

Michigan Animal Shelters to Receive a Record $177,192 through Tax Donations and our own AC Paw is one of the deserving organizations to get this grant!

Officials at the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) today announced the recipients of the 2013 Companion Animal Welfare Funds.  For the 2013 grant period, 20 facilities were awarded $177,192, an increase over 2012 grant cycle of five facilities and $43,829.

The Companion Animal Welfare Fund is a tax check-off established under Public Act 132 of 2007.  The fund supports efforts to enhance the adoption of spayed and neutered animals.  Most funding is used to help cover costs related to sterilization surgery of animals prior to adoption. Continue reading

Cherryland Humane Society: 2012 Wrap-Up

From Mike Cherry, Director, via the November/December CHS Newsletter

So often humane organizations work with limited budgets that allow them only to take in and adopt out homeless pets. Several years ago, the CHS attained a financial position that allowed us to go to the next level and allow the CHS not only to do intakes and adoptions, but also to branch out and work towards bringing resolution to some of the many problems that pets face.

We have been fortunate enough, because of the help of so many and in so many ways, to become a dynamic charity. We currently maintain over twenty-five programs that provide vital and significant help for pets. Among those programs are efforts dealing with humane education and public awareness, benevolence, pet problem resolution, networking, outreach, area support, emergency care, and pet training, socialization, and rehabilitation. There are many more. The programs are administered as funds are available. During the difficult economic times, some programs have had to be set aside until funds become available. Obviously, the primary focus is always on the well-being of shelter animals and finding responsible, loving, and humane homes for them. Continue reading

Traverse City Pizza Party at Pangeas Benefits Horse Rescue Organization


Lots of Traverse City horse lovers stood out in the cold to wait for their chance to go into Pangea’s Pizza for a Peace Ranch fundraiser in December. The name of the pizza party was “Pangeas for PEACE” and 100% of the profits that night went to Peace Ranch, a faith-based equine assisted therapy center that combines the rescue, rehabilitation and restoration of both horses and humans. A whopping $5000 was raised at the party and will help with the ongoing costs incurred for the care of the Ranch, the horses and the program. The party also included a silent auction, Christmas cookies and a special guest (yes, Santa came too!)




Please click here for some more great photos by Moments Captured Photography, by Anna Grimm.

If you’d like to learn more about Peace Ranch, please visit their website here.

Baxter Looking for a Home for the New Year

ImageBaxter had been hoping that Santa would bring him a special home of his own this Christmas. But Christmas came and went and he wasn’t adopted. So now he’s looking forward to the new year and all the holidays to come for many years.

Baxter is a gorgeous two year old Shih Tzu/Bichon mix and he’s already neutered and ready to be adopted. He’s currently being fostered and his foster mom says that Baxter would do best in a home with older owners and no young children. He loves car rides and walks and would thrive in a calm household.


Baxter is skiddish around men and this could be the reason he was brought back to the breeder after an incident with a teenage boy. He is easily startled and timid of males so he will need patience to readjust into a new home.

He is shy when first meeting people but his foster parents see more and more personality from him daily. Besides loving car rides, he greets his foster mom at the door, fetches things, sleeps on her bed and loves his new chew stick. Another plus with having Baxter around…because of his breed, he does not shed and is very low maintenance!

If you would like to meet Baxter, call Kim VandenToorn 616-581-5717 or email her at

Michigan’s Gov. Rick Snyder Signs Bill Increasing Penalties for Animal Cruelty

Michigan becomes the fifth state in the nation to increase penalties for animal cruelty. Anyone involved in animal fighting can now be charged with felony racketeering under the federal Racketeering Influenced Criminal Organization Law. Officials agree the horrible sport of dog fighting is a form of organized criminal activity associated with the sales of drugs and prostitution. Click here for the rest of the story.

A Canine Christmas Spirit

by Cheryl Dinger Dec. 20, 2012

Spirit. Something we carry in our heart and mind, and sometimes in our hand. Her name was Tina Maria. A little spirit. A young girl who lived and died over 30 years ago. Her spirit was carried in my heart and hand on a recent holiday shopping trip. Wanting to create a thoughtful Christmas gift for my sisters, I took the tiny photo of Tina to the stores to help me find just the right sized frame for the beloved picture of our childhood Chihuahua pet. The only photo of it’s kind on this earth. I know this gift would bring a smile to the faces of my siblings. Continue reading

Skip’s Special Christmas Wish – UPDATE: SKIP HAS BEEN ADOPTED!


Skip was a lucky dog and was recently adopted by Laura and Ron Jolly of Traverse City. As you can see in the photo, he’s enjoying his new home with his doggie sisters Abbie (from the Missaukee Humane Society) who the Jolly’s got about eight years ago and Ginger (on the couch) from SAFE out of Harrison about six years ago. Below is a photo of Skip with his new sisters.


Here’s Skip’s story…

His name is Skip and he’s got a very special Christmas wish for Santa. He wants a family of his own. This beautiful boy is nine years old, but is very young at heart. He is a German ShortHair Pointer and is currently being fostered in Michigan through Illinois ShortHair Rescue. Continue reading

Shelter Cat Becomes Grand Champion


About a year ago, after unsuccessful attempts to adopt a kitten, at local shelters in her home town, Sarah and her family headed to Benzonia for Christmas with her grandparents, John and Barb Hanmer. Sarah was feeling sad, the only thing on her wish list for Christmas, was a kitten. When they arrived in Benzie County, Grandma asked what Sarah learning in 4H and how all she wanted for Christmas was a kitten.

Grandma said let’s try the Benzie County Shelter. Being Christmas the hours were limited, but Grandma made a few calls and next thing they knew on Christmas Eve, Doreen and Ed Carter met Sarah and her family at the shelter to look at the three kittens available. All three kittens were let out to play, two went in the corner to roll around and play, but Lizzy (this was her name at the shelter) slowly walked over to Sarah, who sat on the floor, and Lizzy crawled up on Sarah’s lap, and that was the beginning of “Sarah and Lizzy”. When people ask Sarah why did you pick Lizzy she reply’s “I didn’t pick her, she picked me”. Continue reading

Buy your 2013 Local Rescue Calendars Now!

It’s that time of year again. It’s time to do some shopping and support your local animal rescue groups. 2013 calendars are now available through the following groups:


This year, AC PAW has dog calendars AND cat calendars! They are $12 each and feature pets that they have rescued. They can be purchased at several locations in Traverse City including the D.O.G. Bakery, The Copy Shop and during adoptions at Petsmart.


The HNR calendars are now available. Help them help horses by purchasing a calendar. Every month you will see a new picture of a horse that was saved and given a new chance. There are also success stories with before and after pictures. Calendars are $10 each. If you would like one, you can pick one up at the Square Deal Country store. You can also order them online using Pay Pal. Just add $3.00 for shipping and handling. Website:

AC PAW Receives $20,000 from Local Charity

AC PAW was nominated AND selected to be the charity of choice by 100+ Women Who Care Grand Traverse and Leelanau County!! What an amazing blessing for this organization to receive a $20,000 donation, especially during the holiday season!

AC PAW sends out their thanks to this wonderful local organization as well as our their volunteer, Sue Hanna Nichols, who keeps AC PAW close to her heart and made the effort to help them receive this much needed gift.

This will help many of their animals in need.