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The Ugly Truth about Grand Traverse County Animal Control

Imagine if you will, a Grand Traverse County Animal Control Officer who has 601 square miles to cover in 25 hours a week. That area has about 90,000 people which equates to 35,000 families and about 13,000 dogs. Dogs like the one in the photo above depend on part-time Grand Traverse County Animal Control Officer, Deb Zerafa. The taxpayers also depend on her to keep them safe. However, these dogs and the taxpayers have only been able to depend on her help on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The cries of the dogs in the county and calls from concerned citizens have not been heard four days out of seven or when Zerafa is sick or on vacation because she is the only Grand Traverse County Animal Control Officer.

Seventeen months after Grand Traverse County eliminated their Animal Control Division and their two full-time officers, they are no closer to finding a permanent solution to providing adequate Animal Control services in the county. The county continues to marginalize the Animal Control Division and the services that the county residents depend on. They are not providing the hours, funding, staff or respect the division needs. The county’s stop-gap measure of hiring Zerafa part-time in October of 2016 seems to be a decision made to quell the discontent of the public instead of a decision to provide a fully-functional Animal Control Division. Hiring one part-time Animal Control Officer is not a serious solution to Animal Control issues in Grand Traverse County. Hiring a second and only seasonal Animal Control Specialist is also not a serious solution. How will this help the high volume of calls that they receive in the winter months – or in the spring or fall? Continue reading


Wexford County Shelter Shares to Form Non-Profit Group

According to a post on the Wexford County Shelter Shares Facebook page, the volunteers who run the website, Facebook page and volunteer at the shelter are going to form a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. A supporter of the group offered to pay for the costs of the application process. Once the non-profit group is formed, the organization will be able to accept tax-deductible donations and also apply for grants.

Wexford County also has two other non-profit groups to help with local animal issues. Those groups are Animal Advocates of Wexford County and Wonderland Humane Society.

These “friends of” animal shelter groups and many others in the country are able to help animal shelters with fostering, donations, fundraisers, spay/neutering, as well as other pet-related issues in their communities.

Dog Attacks Grand Traverse County Deputy, Kills Another Dog

An incident over the weekend left one dog dead, another shot and a Grand Traverse County sheriff’s deputy with several dog bites. It happened Friday night around 4:30 at a home in Interlochen. Click here for the rest of the story.

Missaukee Humane Society On Their Way to Build a New Cat Quarantine

The Missaukee Humane Society has been awarded a $30,000 grant for their new cat quarantine. They still need an additional $6,000 for more cat kennels and are asking for help. You can donate online through their website at or mail a donation to: Missaukee Humane Society, Box D, Lake City, MI 49651.

Traverse City’s Pets Naturally Buys D.O.G. Bakery

The D.O.G. Bakery announced today that they have been acquired by local holistic pet food store, Pets Naturally. The D.O.G. Bakery will close their downtown location on Saturday, May 13th – but their treats will be available at Pets Naturally starting the week of May 22nd. Pets Naturally is located at 1420 W. South Airport Rd. in Traverse City and are open Monday through Friday 10 am to 6 pm, Saturday 9 am to 5 pm and Sunday 11 am to 3 pm.

The D.O.G. Bakery is assuring their customers that Pets Naturally will be able to handle all of their needs for treats, gear and healthy food choices and that everyone will see most of the current D.O.G. Bakery staff in the new location. Former D.O.G. Bakery owners, Chris and Karry Barolo, say that combining the bakery with Pet Naturally’s expertise in nutrition and supplements will provide an even greater resource for customers and their pets.