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As Camping Season Approaches, Michigan Pet Owners Should Brush up on Park Rules

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According to the website of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, there are rules and regulations for pets at state park campgrounds, beaches and boating access sites.

With a few exceptions, pets are welcomed in Michigan state parks, recreation areas and at boating access sites, but they must be accompanied at all times by responsible owners. Please remember that these public places are strange environments for your pet. It may react much differently here than at home.

Rules and Regulations

  • Pets must be under an owner’s immediate control on a 6-foot leash at all times.
  • Pets may not be left unattended or tied to an object.
  • Do not allow your pet to make excessive noise.
  • Clean up after your pet and dispose of waste in trash receptacles.
  • Keep your pets from interacting with wildlife or disturbing visitors.

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Leaving a Dog in a Car Could Soon be a Felony in Michigan

Leaving a dog in a vehicle in conditions that endanger his/her life could soon qualify as a felony in Michigan. Two newly-introduced Senate bills propose introducing stricter fines and longer prison sentences for people who neglect animals in cars.  The bills state that a person cannot leave an animal unattended under conditions “that endanger the health or well-being of the animal”. This would apply (but is not limited to), heat, cold, lack of ventilation or lack of food or water. Click here for the rest of the story.

Man Pleads Guilty after Cat Found Spray Painted, Abused

A man has pleaded guilty after a cat was found abused and spray painted in Charlevoix County. Paul Wicker, of Boyne City, pleaded guilty to a reduced charged of attempted killing or torturing an animal. Click here for the rest of the story.

Voters in Wexford County Will Decide on Animal Control Millage in August

When August comes, Wexford county will have to decide if they want to renew their animal control millage. The millage was first approved in 2012. The four-year millage request is asking for approximately $185,000 out of a budget of $235,000. Because of the shortfall, it is anticipated that community help will be needed in the form of volunteers and donations.

Michigan Pet Legislation Update – May 3rd, Michigan HSUS

Michigan puppy mills: HB 4898 to license and regulate large-scale dog breeding facilities, sponsored by Rep. Mike McCready with co-sponsors Reps. Kurt Heise, Harvey Santana, Christine Greig, Klint Kesto, Ken Yonker, Ed Canfield, John Kivela, Gary Glenn, Mike Callton, Al Psholka, and Earl Poleski, passed the House on March 2, 2016 by a vote of 83 to 20 and now awaits a hearing in the Senate Agriculture Committee.

Michigan gas chamber ban: SB 403, “Grant’s Bill” to require the use of the more humane and economical euthanasia by injection in Michigan shelters, sponsored by Sen. Marty Knollenberg with co-sponsors Rick Jones, Ken Horn, Tonya Schuitmaker, John Proos, Curtis Hertel, Jr., Jim Marleau, and Steve Bieda, is still awaiting a first hearing in the Senate Agriculture Committee. While there are currently NO operating carbon monoxide gas chambers operating in Michigan animal shelters, there is nothing stopping a shelter from using gas to kill its animals at any time. The Michigan legislature must pass SB 403 to prohibit any further use of carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide gas on shelter pets from now on.

Dog adoption: HB 4765 to allow the adoption of dogs seized from fighting cases in Michigan, sponsored by Rep. Mike McCready with co-sponsors Klint Kesto, Michael Webber, Joseph Graves, Ben Glardon, Gary Glenn, Jason Sheppard, Al Pscholka, Ed McBroom, Harvey Santana, and Kurt Heise, has passed the House Criminal Justice Committee and now awaits a vote on the House floor before moving to the Senate.

Fife Lake Couple Overjoyed After Traverse City Man Donates Ducks

A Traverse City man has donated his four ducks to the Fife Lake couple who lost their chickens and ducks in an alleged dog attack earlier this week. The two dogs were on the loose in Traverse City after one allegedly killed a shih tzu on Grant Street the week prior. According to the Traverse City Police Department the 2-year-old Husky and a chow-lab mix were found Wednesday night in on the 1300 block of Coster Road in Springfield Township. Click here for more info.

Dancing Lessons Offered for Cherryland Humane Society Fundraiser

Jessica Mason with Sally, an adoptable dog at Cherryland Humane Society

Jessica Mason with Sally, an adoptable dog at Cherryland Humane Society

Cherryland Humane Society and Jessica Mason, Ms. Michigan State America 2016, are teaming up for “Dance to Donate,” a series of dancing lessons at the animal shelter May 10th through 31st. The lessons will be held in the Cherryland Humane Society’s multi-purpose room from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. on Tuesdays during the month of May. Every week, participants will learn new dances with no experience or partner required.

The schedule of classes is as follows:

5/10: Beginning ballroom (waltz and foxtrot)

5/17: Intro to swing/jitterbug

5/24: Bolero, the slow dance cheat sheet

5/31: Salsa! Basics of Latin rhythm

If you can walk, you can ballroom dance. Mason breaks everything down to very basic steps at a slow pace before moving to a quicker rhythm.  These classes are great for wedding prep, date night, fitness, girls night out, and more. All ages and ability levels welcome! It’s a chance to unwind after work and have some fun while giving to a great cause. Continue reading

Pitbulls – A Call for Logic

by Kim Skaritt-Nelson

Owner Browsers by the Bay
and Founder of Silver Muzzle Cottage

Sydney (Riley) was a Senior Pit Bull saved by Silver Muzzle Cottage and adopted by Kim Wattles sight unseen. Sydney got a vet check after coming into town and it was discovered that she had cancer. Kim was able to love her until the Fall of 2015 when Sydney passed away. Kim trains Pit Bulls and other dogs to be service dogs.

Sydney (Riley) was a Senior Pit Bull saved by Silver Muzzle Cottage and adopted by Kim Wattles sight unseen. Sydney got a vet check after coming into town and it was discovered that she had cancer. Kim was able to love her until the Fall of 2015 when Sydney passed away. Kim trains Pit Bulls and other dogs to be service dogs. Click on the photo above to learn more.

It’s not a secret that I work in animal rescue and dogs, in particular, are my great passion.  Passion is at the helm of most causes.  If you work on the front lines of the team effort called animal rescue, you see many things you don’t want to see.  For me and the rest of the advocates, I believe it’s our passion that gets us through the really sad cases… our passion and the COMpassion of those who fight the good fight… the passion that drives us to want to save/change the lives of souls that are voiceless in a society who can, sometimes, treat them as though they are ‘less than’.  With my passion come strong opinions and I try – ALWAYS – to get my facts straight in the course of forming my opinions. I look at both sides, regardless of what the majority says –  and sometimes I’m viewed as playing the role of ‘devil’s advocate’. As I see it, it’s impossible to make an informed, educated decision if you don’t see or know all sides, and you can’t make progress if your actions are based on rumor and misinformation.  And so it is, that by way of the truth, I continue to seek progress in the fight against breed discrimination – an issue that has been conjured up by media hype and misinformation and continues to fuel the mass hysteria that is surrounding the Bully breeds.  Continue reading

Local Community Members & Businesses Are Helping Pets in Need

What a great animal loving community we have in Northern Lower Michigan. Here’s a snapshot of what has been happening in our region to help pets…

cherry mobile clinic


$700 was raised for AC PAW by the Cherry Capital Mobile Pet Hospital at their vaccine/heartworm clinic in Williamsburg.


Running Fit in Traverse City collected several bags of shoes for the Shoes for Shelters fundraiser at the Cherryland Humane Society. The fundraiser runs through Saturday, May 14th.



The AmeriGas family raised hundreds of dollars in needed supplies including cash gifts and veterinary care for shelters and rescue groups across Northern Michigan.



Instead of gifts, Chelsea asked everyone to donate to the shelter pets for her birthday. She raised a whopping $196.40 and brought in some goodies to the Osceola County Animal Shelter! She also brought in donations for her 9th birthday as well. Continue reading