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Traverse City’s Spay-Neuter Express Event Leaves Some to Question the Veterinarian’s Past and Current Actions

In May of 2012, the Spay-Neuter Express out of Lowell came up to Traverse City to do a low-cost spay/neuter clinic that was hosted by Handds to the Rescue and Joey & Frisco’s Mission. These two non-profit groups made residents aware of the services available and volunteered to help get supplies and with some of the logistics of the event.

The staff on the Spay-Neuter Express bus included veterinarian, Dr. Bruce Langlois, and two vet assistants. The Spay-Neuter Express was in town for two days.

Soon after the event, I received reports of a dog who was suffering from the spay that was done in the Traverse City Spay-Neuter Express mobile unit. The dog, Daisy, is a two-year old St. Bernard owned by Carrie Donald.

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