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Dog Water Safety Tips You Need to Know


Most dogs can swim, but not all dogs are good at it or like it. Flat-faced dog breeds, like French Bulldogs or Pugs, not only have short snouts but are also top heavy with big chests. If they get too tired trying to stay afloat, they can quickly sink.

When bringing your canine companion along to join the fun on the water this summer, be sure to keep their safety in mind. Continue reading


Cherryland Humane Society Continues to Struggle Financially

The following information is from the CHS June/July 2014 newsletter

The CHS is experiencing significant financial difficulties. In May, the CHS launched a plea for funds. Most of you received this plea. Please contact us if you need another copy. We are grateful to all who participated in that effort. The result of the plea, however, has left a shortfall in funds needed to reach our goal, bring resolution to our short and long-term financial situation and to be able to continue operations.

The Cherryland Humane Society is celebrating its 58th year of service. The work of the CHS has involved literally thousands of people and benefitted animals for over 1/2 century. Unfortunately, a few years ago the economy took a downturn, which affected the CHS in a number of ways. Specific pledged giving for things such as benevolence, debt reduction, animal comfort, and the like were curtailed. Some of the large pledged funds were stock based. Some of the stocks involved became significantly devalued and the donors were unable to give at the levels at which they gave before. That fact, along with the downward turn in the the economy, placed an increasingly greater burden upon CHS finances and affected the ongoing progress that the CHS was making on behalf of pets. We understood our needs and what to do, especially as set forth by our long-range plan, but the funds were not available. Animal causes often operate at the low end of the giving scale. Humane societies are many times encumbered by limited funds, manpower, material resources and capacity. Continue reading

The Pet Crisis Center in Bellaire Celebrates Four Years of Helping Pets in Antrim County

pet crisis pic

by Heather Knust, President, With a Little Help From My Friends, Inc.

As With a Little Help From My Friends’ Pet Crisis Center begins its 4th year its’ clear the center has made an impression on the community. The animals that have passed through these doors have not only stole the hearts of the volunteers but their adopters as well. For many of these animals the center is their last chance at finding a loving home.

Some pets arrive at the center after a tragedy, Panda the cat was one of those. After his owner died Panda was dropped off at the county animal control. Scared and still mourning the loss of his owner Panda arrived at the center to recover and start over. After just a few short months a couple saw Panda online and knew it was a match. Now, he enjoys life at his Torch Lake home complete with pontoon boat rides and sunsets on the deck with a loving family. Continue reading

The Great American Doggie Sit-In World Record Attempt

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2014: This event has been cancelled and will take place next May due to difficulties getting a non-profit status approved for sponsors.

From the Traverse Ticker

What sits, stays and has 2,600 legs, give or take? Perhaps another Guinness world record for Traverse City. Local dog trainer Sam Jones and training partner Jennifer Loup are in the early stages of organizing an event to break the world record for number of dogs sitting simultaneously for 30 seconds. The honor belongs to a group in England, a 2005 record with 627 dogs in a simultaneous “stay. While it might be a record only a dog trainer could get really excited about – a field of dogs all obeying one command at the same time – Jones thinks a community as “dog crazy” as Traverse City might find the chance at a world record fun, too … and for a good cause. The Great American Doggie Sit-In is slated for Saturday, October 11. Jones is submitting an application to the city for use of the Open Space for the record-breaking attempt. Click here for more information on the event.

The Dogs and Cats in Kalkaska County Need Your Help to Keep Animal Control Services Going

There is a vote coming up in Kalkaska County on Tuesday, August 5th to continue to provide animal control services. This is not a new millage.

kalkaska millage sign

The Board of Commissioners had to split up this millage so it was separate from the Recycling Center millage. The Animal Control millage would be for a four-year, 0.133-mill request in support of the animal control services in Kalkaska County. A mill is 1/1000 of a dollar. Property taxes are computed by multiplying the taxable value of the property by the number of mills levied. If your home is assessed at $50,000, the millage will still cost only $6.65 for a year. Northwoods Animal Coalition a non-profit animal welfare group in Kalkaska county asks everyone to vote YES on the millage.

Genesee County Residents Voting to Save Pets in Primary Election on August 5th

photo credit: GRACE Facebook page

photo credit: GRACE Facebook page

According to GRACE (GENESEE Residents for Animal Control Evolution) voting on August 5th is the most important thing you can do for the animals. The results could change everything. GRACE is a group of Genesee residents who are concerned citizens, trying to make changes at the shelter and end of the county killing adoptable and treatable cats and dogs. They advocate for the animals and let taxpayers what is going on at the shelter. They report that dogs are sprayed with high pressure hoses in their cages as part of the daily cleaning process.; dogs are held in small cages for weeks without any out of cage time; large numbers of young and healthy pets are killed without any chance at adoption and animals that arrive healthy and happy end up dying or leave severely ill and traumatized.

The good news is that they now have an opportunity to change things and ask Genesee County residents by voting to help the animals. They say that the bad actions at the shelter will not stop until they have at least five County Commissioners who care.  Continue reading

Kalkaska County Animal Shelter Gets New Cat Cage

kalkaska cat cage

Thanks to an anonymous donor, a grant for $2500 was given to the Animal Shelter in Kalkaska County that was used to buy a new cat cage and six Kuranda beds for the dogs. The cat cage can hold one cat on top and one on the bottom or used as a big cage. There are usually about 10 cats at the shelter at any given time so additional cages would be great for the cats to be more comfortable. If you’d like to donate towards the purchase of more cages, please contact Michele at NorthWoods Animal Coalition. 231-645-0007. 

Wexford County Taxpayers Could See a “Split” Animal Control Millage, Allowing Animal Care to be a Separate Entity

Sunny is one of many amazing cats up for adoption at the Wexford County Animal Shelter

Sunny is one of many amazing cats up for adoption at the Wexford County Animal Shelter. Photo credit: Sisters Studio

After a tumultuous 18 months at the Wexford County Animal Shelter, Wexford County is looking to take a new approach on an upcoming millage request concerning the animal shelter – splitting a millage request into two separate areas, animal control and animal care. This new request is being looked into at the request of Crystal Johnson, treasurer and co-founder of Animal Advocates of Wexford. She has been one of many volunteers and animal advocates that have gone to county meetings and voiced her opinion on accounting inaccuracies and a need for a change in the management of the shelter so that the cats and dogs are properly taken care of.

In January of 2013, allegations arose from a former Wexford County animal shelter attendant, Kathy Rodgers Dennis, about improper euthanization and missing money. The use of improper euthanasia techniques was also echoed in statements by another former employee at the shelter and several trustees. In addition, it appears that Animal Control Officer Smith admitted to violating State law in interviews during a criminal investigation on December 6, 2012 with the County as well as an interview by the Michigan Dept. of Agriculture. Detective Penney asked ACO Smith about the euthanization of the animals and how it works. He asked where she injected the animals when they were killed. She said, “It’s normally an IC (intracardiac) injection, in the heart.” When asked if she injected the animal with anything else, she said, “occasionally, we have to tranquilizer an animal but very rarely.” When investigated by the Michigan Department of Agriculture, their report on ACO Smith indicated, “I asked ACO Smith to explain this note. ACO Smith stated that Sodium Pentobarbital was used as a sedative then an additional amount was used for an IC (heart sticking). I advised ACO Smith that the use of Sodium Pentobarbital injected IM was a non-acceptable sedation practice. I asked ACO Smith if this was taught to her during her certification trainings; ACO Smith stated no.” During the county’s criminal investigation, former shelter worker Kris Corwin was interviewed and said that there was limited sedation with the animals. She said, “…back when I was there, I would say 75% were the one step process.” Continue reading

Logan’s Law Moving Forward in Michigan

logan beautiful

In March of 2012, Logan, A sweet 11 year old Husky, suffered a terrible burn when an unknown person came into his yard, unprovoked, and threw an acid based chemical in his face while Logan was in his kennel. After many weeks, countless prayers, and lots of love, Logan’s wounds steadily healed but the scars remained. On July 9th, 2012 Logan lost his fight to the treatment and side effects of the attack. Logan was very sweet and friendly. He was very easy going and enjoyed playing with other dogs. He was especially close to Jasper, a German Shepherd who was close to his age and who was adopted by the Falk’s just a few months after Logan. They were best friends. You could also find Logan sleeping with one of the cats curled up next to him.

It became the mission of Logan’s family to get an animal abuse registry law passed in the State of Michigan. This Law would make a registry of those convicted of animal abuse, and require all animal shelters to refuse sale or adoption of an animal to anyone on this list. This new Law would me named “Logan’s Law” after their dog. Unfortunately, the person who abused Logan was never caught but for those who are caught, their information would be publicly available to those people seeking out the information, including animal owners who want to know if their neighbors have been involved in animal abuse cases. Continue reading

Missaukee County Humane Society Offering Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic for Cats

missaukee spay neuter

The Missaukee Humane Society has opened their own low-cost spay/neuter clinic for cats. Spays are $50 and neuters are $35. Vaccinations, feline leukemia testing also available and they offer microchipping for surgery patients for only $10! The clinic is available every 1st & 3rd Wednesday of the month. Any questions please call or message/ email Kyle here or call 231-839-3800 ext 3. They do not limit to Missaukee County residents! The veterinarian providing the service is Dr. Susan Hamilton, DVM.