Cherryland Humane Society: 2012 Wrap-Up

From Mike Cherry, Director, via the November/December CHS Newsletter

So often humane organizations work with limited budgets that allow them only to take in and adopt out homeless pets. Several years ago, the CHS attained a financial position that allowed us to go to the next level and allow the CHS not only to do intakes and adoptions, but also to branch out and work towards bringing resolution to some of the many problems that pets face.

We have been fortunate enough, because of the help of so many and in so many ways, to become a dynamic charity. We currently maintain over twenty-five programs that provide vital and significant help for pets. Among those programs are efforts dealing with humane education and public awareness, benevolence, pet problem resolution, networking, outreach, area support, emergency care, and pet training, socialization, and rehabilitation. There are many more. The programs are administered as funds are available. During the difficult economic times, some programs have had to be set aside until funds become available. Obviously, the primary focus is always on the well-being of shelter animals and finding responsible, loving, and humane homes for them.

2012 has been a wonderful year in many respects. Among the highlights of the year was receiving a spay/neuter grant from the state of Michigan. We also received a donated cargo van from Traverse Motors that enabled the CHS to transport several animals at a time to be spayed or neutered. It also allows the CHS to transport animals that require other veterinary attention. We are now able to pick up needed supplies, take animals and displays to events, and do so many other things that we were previously unable to do in support of the CHS mission. The CHS also benefited from a very sizeable will provided by a gentleman. We first learned about the provision from the Omelette and Friends WKLT radio program. The funds received not only helped to continue operations and do some needed maintenance and repairs, but also allowed the CHS to reinstate some programs.

The CHS continued to receive funds from several fundraising sources including the WKLT Kamp Omelette event, the Pathfinder school art auction, the Pours for Paws Leelanau County Vintners event, the International Association of Administrative Professionals, the Downtown Traverse City Association Shop Your Community Day, and so very many more. We are grateful to all of the individuals, schools, organizations, businesses, etc. that did events benefiting the CHS. Their efforts were incredible.

We are also grateful for the efforts of Wendy Sak through I.A.A.P and Charter Communications that resulted in several donations of both money and equipment. We are saddened that Wendy tragically lost her life in a traffic accident. Charter Communications, through Wendy’s efforts, donated all new computer monitors that filled a significant need.

We are grateful to Laser Printer Technologies who donated three new office printers and a floor model printer. That equipment replaced aging office machines.

Very importantly, we are grateful for the several hundred animals that have found homes. A special note of thanks to all who adopted those pets.

The CHS operates with very minimal staffing. We appreciate the efforts and the compassion of each staff member, who work so sacrificially on behalf of the animals. We also appreciate the efforts of volunteers who supplement the efforts of the staff.

We, of course, are grateful to our donors, adopters, volunteers, staff, board of directors, and so many others who work so diligently on behalf of the animals.

The Christmas season is a time when a significant portion of our donations is realized. We are hoping for an significant financial response, in order that we may not only continue operations in a meaningful way, but also reinstate some of the programs that were previously set aside because of the difficult economic times. Thank you in advance for your help. Best wishes for a joyous Christmas and a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year.



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