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Sheltie Brothers Adopted!

UPDATE: These sweet brothers were adopted today – November 13, 2018

Six-year-old Sheltie brothers, Teddy and Skippy, are looking for a new home after their owner passed away recently. Ronda, who owns Shampoochies Pet Grooming and Boarding in Cadillac was asked to find a home for these two dogs where they can stay together – that was the owner’s dying wish. They are very sweet dogs and were very attached to their owner. They are used to a quiet home and would do best in a calm environment. They are recently groomed, walk well on a leash and are housebroken. Teddy is a bit smaller and more shy. It is recommended that they have a fenced in yard. Please call Ronda with more information about the dogs at 231-775-7700.

Photo from Wexford County Shelter Shares


Divit Now Interviewing for Special Family to Adopt Him

photo credit: Jayne Richmond Photography 

Fish gotta swim… birds gotta fly… I gotta look cute and purr my sweet song until my forever family comes to take me home. The Osceola County Animal Shelter in Reed City has some really great people but I’m looking for some very important things – a couch, a bed or two, some nice blankets, a window next to a bird feeder, satellite TV, cat treats on request… you know – all the staples of being a pampered and loved indoor kitty.

I’ve been through a lot lately and want to tell you my story. I was attacked by a dog a few months ago and had to visit the veterinarian several times after that. The great people at the shelter paid all of my doctor bills so I don’t have any debts that you have to worry about.

I have made a full recovery but the doctor found out that I have FELV. That’s a kitty disease that other cats can get so I am looking for a forever home with no other kitties. I have been fixed (that was fun!) and received my vaccinations and have also been treated for fleas and parasites. Everyone at the shelter says I am a super sweet snuggly guy and a total STEAL for the special $5 adoption fee. I think I’m worth more like $5000 but I’ll let it slide because the shelter is doing their best to find me a perfect home.

Please call the shelter at 231-832-5790 if you want to adopt me – and you better do it fast because I’m gorgeous and sure to be a hit once people find out about me and come to visit.

Overlooked and in Need of Homes – These Great Pets Deserve to Be Noticed

Many times, adoptable cats and dogs get overlooked because they have special needs, are older, are shy at adoptions, or adopters just find other pets who fit their families better. The pets below are great finds and deserve a little extra “advertising” so that they don’t have to wait at the shelter or in a foster home any longer. They deserve a family to love them. Here they are, in their own words, telling you how wonderful they are…


ARIEL – Adoptable at Cherryland Humane Society
Female – Domestic medium hair cat – 1 yr. old – 8 lbs. – Spayed

Hi everyone! I’m Ariel and I love to give hugs and kisses! I can get a little cranky about being in my cage (who wouldn’t?!) and it takes me a while to feel comfortable with a new person but if you give me time and are patient with me, I’ll learn to trust you and will bring you endless joy. I have a cloudy left eye but the vet says I’m fine. I have a beautiful coat, am very talkative and have lots of energy. Are you the forever home I’m waiting for? Please stop by and take me for a walk. We can talk about how great we would be together! Click here for my link. Continue reading

Do You Have Some Time to Spend with Dusty??

dusty shaking

Dusty is a gorgeous 11-year-old Lab mix who is staying at the Silver Muzzle Cottage in Elk as their first hospice dog. He was pulled from the Macomb County Animal Shelter after not being reclaimed as a stray. His owners were found but they didn’t want him back as they had gotten a new puppy and the dogs didn’t get along. In preparation to make him ready for adoption, the shelter took Dusty to the veterinarian to get neutered however after placing him under anesthesia, it was discovered that he has an aggressive form of Melanoma that is inoperable. He was given about six months to live. The Silver Muzzle Cottage made plans to bring him to their location after finding out about him. He arrived at the Silver Muzzle Cottage on April 20th and is a big hit with everyone.

Everyone wants to make Dusty’s last days filled with love, playtime and hugs. He delights in seeing visitors and is interested in going to the beach, swimming, taking walks, eating ice cream, going on car rides and snuggling with anyone who has a little time to spend with him. He gets along with other dogs and is still pretty active. He also minds well and walks great on a leash. Continue reading

Roscommon County Animal Shelter Needs Help with Luna’s Surgery


Luna is an Aussie mix who was surrendered to the Roscommon County Animal Shelter this past week. She arrived at the shelter with a limp so she was taken to the vet for x-rays. The nice doctor told the shelter that her leg/elbow had been broken and that she will need surgery. They sent her x-rays to a special bone doctor and he says it has healed crooked and that they don’t believe surgery will correct the problem, so her leg will need to be amputated! It sounds scary but they assured the shelter that it will be okay, and Luna will still be able to run and play like other dogs. The shelter does not have a lot of money to help Luna with her surgery so Luna is hoping that some of you “NICE PEOPLE” out there could send some donations her way to help her! If you can help Luna, please send the donations to the Roscommon County Animal Shelter at 1110 Short Drive, Prudenville, MI 48651 and please put “Luna’s Fund” in the memo so they know that it is for her.

Adoptable, Incredible Gideon – A Big Guy with a Big Heart

gideon main

Gideon is a six year old short haired orange cat. As big as he is (at 23 lbs!) he is an even bigger lover! He gets along well with other cats and friendly dogs when introduced slowly. He is not an aggressive cat. He is very gentle and should be in a home where other cats will not be aggressive towards him. Continue reading

Special Needs Blind Dog Needs a Home

Banjo is blind and lost his home when his owner recently died. AC PAW rescued him from the animal shelter and he is currently in a foster home.


He will require eye washing and drops several times a day due to an infection. His eyes will always need drops but his infection should be cleared up soon. He is about 10 years old and ready to hang out and cuddle with his new family. Please contact AC PAW if you are interested in Banjo at (231) 587-0738.

Create Your Own Love Story: Adopt a Puppy or Kitten for Your Family

There are currently many kittens and puppies available from local animal shelters and rescue groups right now. Many are available to be adopted and more are on the way.

Missaukee Humane Society

MHS has seven adorable Boxer/Lab puppies who will be ready for adoption in 2-3 weeks. Their mom, Remi, will also be up for adoption after the puppies are ready to go out on their own. She is a great dog and will be spayed ahead of time for her new family. She is about 1-1/2 years old and is a wonderful mom to her puppies.

Big Hoss (male), Scrappy (male), Toby (male), Scooter (male), Princess (female), Apollo (male), Cassanova (male) and mom Remi

Big Hoss (male), Scrappy (male), Toby (male), Scooter (male), Princess (female), Apollo (male), Cassanova (male) and mom Remi

Remi and her babies were living outdoors and a caring person called the MHS about their conditions. Their dog house had no straw and only a blanket to keep them warm through the cold Michigan winter. Although this was in Wexford County and the MHS does not have animal control authority in a different county, they could not leave the dogs in this condition. They visited the home to see if the owner would turn the dogs over to them and were happy to see that at least there was fresh straw in the dog house. The owner didn’t want to surrender the mother dog but the MHS explained that the puppies would need their mom because they weren’t weaned yet so they could not leave her behind. The owner signed all of the dogs over and also gave them a 50 pound bag of dog food for Remi. Continue reading

Jack is Looking for a Foster Home

jackJack is 12 years old and a possible Aussie/Cavalier mix. He had a good home but they have to move and could only take one dog. Poor Jack misses having a family and really needs a foster home right now as he recovers from surgery. He has one of those fun cones on his head so he will leave his stitches alone. He has a bit of separation anxiety (which is to be expected when you are abandoned) but is very loving and affectionate. He gets around well and loves to take walks. He is a bit overweight so he’s eating diet dog food. If you can help Jack out and foster him, please call Crystal at 938-1683 or email

Help Get These Kitties Out of the Witness Protection Program!

These great kitties, through no fault of their own, have been undercover, after helping the government put some bad characters behind bars. Because of their heroic deeds, these kitties have been given new identities and are just now coming out of the shadows so that they can go into a loving home.

Some of the hooligans who were incarcerated include “Bugs, the Main Coon” who was a repeat offender, constantly stealing everyone’s cat toys and also “Bruno” the Poodle who seems to think cat tails are similar to rawhide bones. It is with great hesitation and trepidation that these cats come forward when other sinister canines and felines could be targeting them. Because they are in foster homes, they aren’t available for people to meet them at a shelter or an adoption outlet. A select few of you, with high enough security clearance and who have passed a background check, have been chosen to view this article.

Undercover Agent #1 (“Crush”)

Crush is a 10-12 week old male kitten. He was found cold, wet and hungry in a very busy parking lot (probably after being trailed by Bugs). He was brought home by Janice, his foster mom, and is a very playful kitty.

Crush, before and after going into witness protection.

Crush, before and after going into witness protection.

Continue reading

Nineteen Pets Adopted at the Acme Fall Fest

Adoptable dog from AC PAW

Adoptable dog from AC PAW

It was a beautiful 90 degree day at the Acme Fall Fest on Saturday, September 28th at Flintfields in Williamsburg, home of the Horse Shows by the Bays. The pet adoption event was very busy with dogs and cats in all colors, shapes and sizes. In all, 14 dogs and four cats were adopted that day and others had interested people who might follow up on a future adoption. Continue reading

Elderly Woman Dies, Leaving Behind a Blind Dog with Diabetes, and His Best Friend, In Need of a New Home

UPDATE OCTOBER 3RD… These dogs are currently being fostered by Handds to the Rescue. Please contact them if you are interested in these dogs.


A little more than a week ago, Fran, an elderly neighbor of a friend of mine, passed away, leaving behind her dogs, Zsa Zsa, an eight year old female Poodle/Bichon Frise and Bubba, an 11 year old male Maltese. These dogs not only shared a home together, they are best buddies. They are currently still living in their own home, being cared for by an upstairs caregiver, Jackie, who took care of their elderly “mom” for many years. The caregiver cares deeply for these dogs and wants to find them a loving home. She can’t keep them herself because she is gone a lot and has cats in her apartment. A family member might be moving into the house soon – meaning that it’s very urgent that a home is found for these dogs, but there is still some time to make sure that these dogs find the right home or homes.



Bubba is a special needs dog. He has diabetes and needs shots twice a day. He is also nearly blind, he is on thyroid medicine and eats special food for skin allergies (potato and duck formula). Once he started eating this food, his skin problems really cleared up.



Bubba comes with challenges but he is not dying. He needs someone who is willing to spend a little extra time and effort to care for him. Surely if a woman who was over 80 years old could keep up with him, there should be someone else out there who would be willing to give a special dog a home. Bubba still has some spunk left in him and loves to hang out with Zsa Zsa and chew on chew sticks that Jackie gives to him. Bubba gets around pretty well in his home and is often at Zsa Zsa’s side for comfort and reassurance. He sometimes follows Zsa Zsa around the yard and other times he wanders off on his own. It would be a good idea to have a leash on him in a new environment so that he doesn’t hurt himself and can get comfortable with his new territory. There are also good suggestions on the internet about how to take care of a blind dog – one of those links is below. Continue reading

Autumn Has Arrived…and is Looking for a Family!


Autumn was an an owner surrender at a county animal control facility. She was said to be around 11 years old but she acts a lot younger. The owners said they were getting rid of her because of a health issue but it was found all she needed was some inexpensive medication to control her problem.


Autumn gets along great with people and other dogs. She comes when she is called and knows the “sit” command. She is housebroken and crate trained and rides well in a car. She is well behaved in the house and doesn’t jump up on furniture, chew things or bed when you are eating. She does seem to have arthritis in her hips, but this isn’t why she stays off the furniture as she can jump from the ground into a crate in the back of a van without any encouragement. She isn’t on any pain meds right now and doesn’t really seem to need them. Her arthritis is only noticeable on days when she is very active. Continue reading

Dumped out of a Truck, Norman Looks for the Road to Happiness

The people who brought Norman to AC PAW in March said they watched a truck drive into their neighborhood, dump Norman out, and leave. It’s hard to imagine someone doing that.

Normie on the comforter

Norm had a badly abscessed tooth that had to be extracted. Since then his appetite has returned, he’s put on weight, and he is much healthier than when he was pushed out of the truck. He has been in a foster home where he gets love and good care, but there are several other cats, both fosters and home pets, which makes the place a little hectic sometimes for Norm. He would be happiest in a home where he is the only adult cat, and he can sit quietly on a lap and be petted. His foster mom says when Norm sits in her lap, he stretches his paw up to her shoulder and tucks his head in near her heart. He also likes to bat a toy around occasionally. Norm has a wonderful, scratchy, rough voice. He doesn’t talk much, but when he does, it’s pretty funny. Norm is a quiet, watchful cat. He has a very soulful, wise expression. It’s like living with Yoda.

Norman has had a bit of a rough time lately. It would sure be nice if he could find a home that he can trust. He’ll be a great companion.

Normie on the hearth 2

Norman has been neutered, tested, and vaccinated. See records from Banfield, Northwood, and Grand Traverse vets. Norman is a five year old male with extra toes. Call (231) 587-0738 if you’re interested in adopting Norman – if if you have a cat-free home and would like to foster him.

Bark at the Park 2013

It was a beautiful sunny day on Saturday, September 17th for the yearly Bark at the Park in Traverse City. Animal rescue groups had lots of dogs (and cats) up for adoption and there were many other animal-related vendors there as well. Please click here for photos from the event!

Help Needed to Care for Cats Taken Out of Horrible Hoarding Situation South of Three Rivers…

Donations are Desperately Needed

(Warning: Graphic Photos)


Independent animal rescuers received a plea for help via Facebook for a woman who was reported by a friend as “in over her head.” They visited the home on Wednesday, May 22nd and found that there were more cats involved than they thought and the conditions were much worse than previously stated. There were no litter boxes, cats and kittens were running around everywhere and most of them were in bad health.


There were 17 kittens who were signed over and immediately taken to be seen by Dr. Bruce Withers at Eighth Street Vet in Kalamazoo. These kittens were all between the age of six and eight weeks old and are currently in foster care through under the care of Dr. Withers (not at the clinic). They all have severe ear mite infestation, worms, fleas and varying degrees of eye infections and ulcerations. One black kitty was unable to be saved by the veterinarian because of its condition. Some of the kittens are underweight and dehydrated. None of them are healthy enough to be spayed or neutered but once they are healthy enough they will get fixed and vaccinated.

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Fabulous Dogs Looking for Fabulous Homes

Hello everyone. My name is Moose and I am a dog. When my dad was asked to tell Pet Friends Magazine about us, I thought who better than me to tell all of you about me and my sister, Ginger. We are both Shih Tzus and are looking for a great, loving family to live with. I am 15 years old and Ginger is 10. But don’t let our ages fool you. Although my doctor told my dad I’m starting to get Cataracts in my eyes, I am otherwise in great shape and so is my sister.


Our dad is very sad that he has to find a new home for us. Because of a divorce, we had to move into a smaller place and dad can’t care for us on his own because he is away from home for his job most of the week. We love each other very much and he has promised to find us a great home where we will be loved just as much as we are now. Me and Ginger come as a package deal and promise to be on our best behavior in our new home (well, at least I do!)

Dad got us both as puppies. We were from different litters but have the same bio dad. I am the mellow one. I like to play for five or ten minutes and then I’ll find a place to hang out. Me and Ginger both love car rides and we’re learning how to walk on a leash (our old house had a fenced-in yard). Dad calls me a lover. I love everyone – anyone can pet me. I’ll bring you my favorite toy and I’ll even “talk” to you.

My sister Ginger likes to play and run around. Her and dad “play fight” all the time for fun. Ginger will pretend growl at dad with her tail wagging but she’s not upset about it – she loves to play this game. She loves to be with dad and follow him around to see what he’s up to. We both get along with other dogs but we don’t know if we like cats or not because we’ve never been around them.

ginger_moose1 moose_ginger2

Dad lives in Traverse City and is looking for a special family to take care of his special family – us. So if you are looking for two great dogs and don’t mind dad doing a home check to make sure his babies are going to be okay, please email him at or call him at 231-392-3858. He’d love to tell you all about how wonderful we are!

Spotlight on Rascal


Rascal was adopted from AC PAW at six months by a very nice couple.  Sadly she was returned at seven years old as the apartment complex would not allow pets.  Rascal has been with AC PAW for almost a year looking for a new forever home.  She is in a foster home but does not like other cats so she has to be kept separate.  She has full run of the downstairs but would really love a home where is can be with her family all of the time.  Rascal does not do well at the PetSmart adoptions.  She loves her foster home but does not want to be at adoptions with other cats, dogs, and noises.  As soon as her foster mom puts her carrier on the van seat to go back home, she is back to her sweet self.



Rascal is a very inquisitive cat.  She loves to climb and will try to get as high as possible.  Rascal will check on you to see where you are at and then continue on her way.  Her favorite sleeping spot is on the bed with her fleece blanket.  She loves to curl up with you at night and be petted.  Rascal is a domestic long haired black and white cat.  She is spayed, up-to-date on her vaccinations, and front declawed.  Rascal would do best in a home with no other pets or small children.  She is available for adoption through AC PAW.  The adoption fee is $100.  Please call her foster mom Sally with any questions at 231-649-995

Elvis Has Left the Building…Along with the Four “Court Case Cats” from Wexford County

Almost 300 days later…four of the most deserving cats in Michigan have ALL BEEN ADOPTED and are out of the shelter and the small cages that they have been living in for almost a year.

April 16th was FREEDOM DAY. They were seized by Wexford County on July 5th, 2012 when their owner moved and left the four cats in the house. The case didn’t make much progress and the cats sat in limbo, taking up much needed cage space as other cats were taken into the shelter.


That was their life – in a small cage for 286 days. And then they were finally put up for adoption. Continue reading

Little Traverse Bay Humane Society Rescues 12 Puppy Mill Dogs

The Little Traverse Bay Humane Society in Harbor Springs recently took in 12 puppy mill dogs from a group called The Puppy Mill Project.

My name is Porter and I'm a handsome Schnauzer mix seeking my forever home. I'm good with other dogs since I've spent four years living with many, but children would be too much for me. I can be a little bashful until I get used to my new home and family. In time I'll become accustomed to the outside world, but my new family will have to be patient with me. I sure look forward to a actual home that will take good care of me and love me forever.

My name is Porter and I’m a handsome Schnauzer mix seeking my forever home. I’m good with other dogs since I’ve spent four years living with many, but children would be too much for me. I can be a little bashful until I get used to my new home and family. In time I’ll become accustomed to the outside world, but my new family will have to be patient with me. I sure look forward to a actual home that will take good care of me and love me forever.

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Amazing and Adorable Adoptables in Saginaw…

Thinking about adding a new family member to your household? Look no farther. Here are some great pets for you to consider at the Saginaw County Animal Care Center. Located at 1312 Gratiot in Saginaw. Call the shelter’s adoption room at (989) 797-4504 or you can email them here. Their shelter hours are: Mon-Wed: 8:00am – 4:30pm, Thu- 8:00am – 7:00pm, Fri: 8:00am – 4:00pm, Sat – 12:00pm – 3:00pm. The adoption room is closed on Sundays and Mondays and will be open at 12:00 Tuesday through Saturday. Dog adoptions are $125 and cats are $90.



Sophie is a 3 year old spayed female. She and her brother, Leon, were surrendered by their owner because of allergies in the family. Sophie is a very sweet girl who has settled in nicely at the shelter. She weighs about 11 pounds and has slowly been gaining weight while sitting around in a cage for a month. She would love a new home to explore! Click here for her Petfinder link. Continue reading

Up for Adoption…

Are you thinking about looking for a new friend to bring into your home? Here are some great dogs to take a look at. Please share these with all of your animal friends too!


Holden is an older black lab that arrived as a stray. He’s being treated for his skin right now. He has a yeast infection which has resulted in hair loss on his chest and neck. He’s on medication and should be able to grow his hair back. He will be more  handsome than ever! He is very good natured, great with other dogs and just a very friendly guy. He also loves to be outdoors. He’s been at the shelter awhile and deserves a chance in a loving home – please share Holden. Thank you so much! If a rescue can help him, that’s wonderful! Continue reading