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March Update on the Wexford County Animal Shelter

Michigan Dept. of Agriculture Makes a Visit to the Shelter – and Investigation is Re-Opened

It was confirmed by ACO Michelle Smith that the Michigan Dept. of Agriculture was at the Wexford County Animal Shelter on February 21st for an inspection. According to Smith, the report was given to Sheriff Finstrom. I contacted Finstrom for the report but he has not yet responded to my request for a copy. If the copy is not received, I will obtain the report from the state as soon as it is available.

It was also reported by that the state’s investigation has been re-opened after receiving more information about the shelter. For more on the story, click here.

Final Poll Results on the Question: Do you want the Wexford County Animal Control/shelter under new management?

YES – 93.55% (145 votes)
NO – 2% (3 votes)
Not enough information – 4.52% (7 votes)

Volunteers Stepping Up for the Animals

Since the story broke on the conditions at the Wexford County Animal Shelter, volunteers have been stepping up to help the animals get adopted and have better living conditions.

Katie Lorenz of Sisters Studio has been taking FABULOUS photos of the animals in the shelter, which also makes it easy for people to share the adoptable pets on Facebook. The shelter went from a photo like this…


to a photo like this…


The photos will not only make it easier for pet owners to identify their pets, it is a great way to make the pets even cuter than they already are and ultimately more adoptable to the public. You can check out the Sisters Studio website here.

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A Dog’s Plea for a Nice Bed at the Wexford County Animal Shelter

Hello everyone. I am a dog who is at the Wexford County Animal Shelter through no fault of my own. My owner was too busy for me and dropped me off here. There are all kinds of dogs here with the same stories – their owners had to move, they had a baby, they got a new job or just got tired of an old dog to take care of. Some dogs even get lost and end up here and their owners never even look for them!


A buddy of mine (see photo above) came into the shelter before I did and he had told me that he has to lay on the floor and he didn’t like it at all. Now that I’m here, I have to agree with him. We are both used to having a couch at home, blankets and even a bed to share. Laying on a floor? This is NOT cool. It’s bad enough that we’ve lost our home and everything we know. I think that we should at least have a bed to lie on and be comfortable while we wait for our new family to come along and take us home.

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Vicious Dog Ordinance Being Drafted in Lansing

re-printed from Best Friends Animal Society

In a misguided effort to enhance public safety, Lansing city officials are currently drafting a vicious dog ordinance that would target certain types of dogs. While everyone wants safer communities, implementing breed-discriminatory (a.k.a. breed-specific) legislation won’t accomplish that objective. Such ordinances have proven to be ineffective, as well as inhumane and expensive. Plus, they infringe on our property rights. Please take action now to tell city officials that you do not support breed-discriminatory policies.

It only takes a few moments to help, and your efforts have a huge impact.

Shelby Township Officials Determined to Shut Down a Local Nonprofit Rescue

re-printed from Best Friends Animal Society

Shelby Township officials are determined to shut down a local nonprofit rescue, Detroit Animal Welfare Group (DAWG), which has been run by a local registered nurse for the past 10 years.

Officials claim the rescue group is in violation of township zoning ordinances, yet no such ordinance actually exists. Nonetheless, officials are mandating that the rescue group remove all dogs currently in its care in less than 10 days from today.

Please take action now to let Shelby Township officials know that you strongly disagree with their misguided response to a nonexistent issue.

Your immediate help is needed to address two important, time-sensitive matters in our state. If you live in Lansing or Shelby Township, please take action via the links provided below. And if you know anyone living in these communities, please forward this email to them.

It only takes a few moments to help, and your efforts have a huge impact.

Garfield Township Approves Plans for New Dog Park

Garfield Township is planning for a new dog park in the Silver Lake Recreation Area this year. The map below shows the location of where it will be located, in an estimated area of 2.5 acres. According to WTCM, who first announced the new park, plans are in the works to talk with the people who built the TC Dog Park about their rules and policies and a fundraising effort will also begin soon.


According to the Garfield Township website, desire for a dog park was one of the most popular comments received in the public input phases of the Master Plan to be developed. This fenced off-leash dog area will be a popular regional amenity and is also anticipated to reduce the recurring problem of people walking their pets off-leash in other areas of the park (which is prohibited by ordinance).

Planning and construction of this area will be a collaborative effort with local dog park enthusiasts, who can assist the Township in design and help develop a procedural policy for the park. This off-leash area is intended to be self-policing by the users. Consideration must also be given to providing a water source, perhaps most efficiently with a small well and hand pump. The woodland that this area encloses will need to be maintained, but appropriately thinned and managed.

For more information on how to participate in this process, please contact the Parks and Recreation department. The number for Garfield Township is 231-941-1620.

Keeping Your Pet’s Water and Food Bowls Cleaned Should be Part of Your Daily Routine


photo from:

Something that’s often overlooked but is an important part of your pet’s overall health and well-being is the cleaning of their food and water bowls. Just like you need clean bowls with your meals, so do your pets. Not cleaning them often results in disease and bacteria building up in their bowl. Your pet is too important to make their bowl an attraction for bacteria, bugs and mold. Not to mention, it can be a turn-off to your pets and result in them not eating or drinking and getting sick down the line.  Continue reading

Struggling Dog Goes from Homewrecker to Rescue Dog

From the Petoskey News


It’s not always easy finding your niche in life. Sometimes you have to try and fail a number of times until you find a place in the world that suits your abilities and needs.

Rayven, a purebred German shorthaired pointer, was a stray when he arrived at the Otsego County Animal Shelter, 256 Fairview Road. He was adopted out three times, but none of the placements worked. They all returned Rayven to the shelter.

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Dog Park Fundraiser Raises $3000

from the ticker...

Mardi Gras went to the dogs again this year. Friends of the Traverse City Dog Park held their second annual “Mardi Paw” fundraiser last week. The event brought in $3,000 to help improve the park (at Division and Munson Ave) for people and their furry friends. That’s about 12 percent of all the money collected since January 2012.

So what will the cash be used for?

“Currently, the need is hydration stations and a surface solution more befitting a heavily used, all-season dog park,” explains volunteer Gary Howe. “When it gets muddy, it turns many people away.”

Howe adds the dog park has become one of the most visited public parks in the city, since it opened in August.

“The biggest success, for me, is not just seeing the dogs interact, but seeing people interact and connect,” he says. “I’ve heard of someone getting a job offer, old friends meeting for the first time in 20 years, and complete strangers becoming friends.”

Nature’s Variety Recall

Nature’s Variety recently announced a voluntary recall of Instinct® Raw Organic Chicken Formula with a “Best if Used By” date of 10/04/13. This action is being taken because pieces of clear plastic may be found in some bags and could cause a potential choking risk to pets. The source of plastic has been identified and the issue has been resolved. Click here for more info.

Veterinarian in Williamsburg Hosting Big Cat Adoption to Find Homes for 50 Cats

Northern Michigan Veterinary Hospital has been charged with the mission of  finding homes for 50 cats of all different ages, sizes and colors. These cats are all very sweet – they just need a loving home. Are you looking for a new family member? Adoptions are FREE – Donations to AC Paw are accepted.


All cats will be given a rabies and distemper vaccine, feline leukemia test, medication for heartworm, flea, tick & intestinal parasites, dewormer, ear cleaning and baths.  All male cats will also be neutered on the day of the adoption event. 

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Judge Delivers Final Ruling Against Cat Rescue Operation in Beaver Creek Township

from the Crawford County Avalanche

The owner of a cat rescue is down to her last meow in her legal battle to continue operations. Judge John E. Fitzgerald ruled that Deloras Guay could not raise the issue that her cat rescue was a valid home occupation in defense of enforcement action taken by Beaver Creek Township. Fitzgerald said the Beaver Creek Township Planning Commission, the 46th Trial Court and the Michigan Court of Appeals had already ruled that Guay could not maintain the cat haven without a special use permit. Click here for the rest of the story.

Veterinarian Currently on Probation Rolling into Grayling with Spay Neuter Express Bus

Bruce Langlois and his Spay Neuter Express bus is coming to Grayling on Friday, February 22nd and Saturday, February 23rd. Langlois is a registered sex offender and is currently on probation for issues involving his veterinary license. In fact, he’s had many issues over the years which were documented in a previous story written for this website here.

Wexford County Commissioners Impotent to Improve Animal Shelter Policies & Conditions for Animals

After two weeks of meetings and consulting with their legal counsel, the Wexford County Commissioners told their county residents that they have very few options to make any changes to what goes on at the Animal Shelter, that the Sheriff makes all decisions regarding policies and staffing, and at the end of the meeting they laughingly gave residents the phone number of the City of Cadillac to take the issue up with them since the shelter building and property is owned by them. The City currently leases the shelter property to the county for $1 a year.

It was quite apparent that the Board of Commissioners solution to the whole problem is to have another outside organization, a non-profit group, step forward with a proposal to run a shelter in their county as an independent shelter. Disappointed county residents didn’t like the fact that any county investigation would have to be done by the Sheriff’s Department and that the County Commissioners seemed to be relieved that they’ve been able to pass the buck. Continue reading

Grand Traverse County Welcomes Wendy Trute as the New Health Officer

Wendy Trute's cat, Lexi, is also a new resident of Grand Traverse County.

Wendy Trute’s cat, Lexi, is also a new resident of Grand Traverse County.

After giving her some time to settle into her new job as Grand Traverse County Health Officer and move into a new health services building, I met with Wendy Trute to talk to her about her new position.  Along with Environmental Health/Animal Control Program Director Tom Buss, she is responsible for the policies, procedures and staff of Animal Control in the County.

Being in charge of Animal Control is new to Trute. Most Animal Control Departments are under the control of the Sheriff’s Office, but Grand Traverse County’s Animal Control has operated under the Health Department since 1994.

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Puppy Protection Act Legislation Re-Introduced

From The Puppy Mill Awareness Meetup of Southeast Michigan

Senators Steve Bieda (D-9) and Rick Jones (R-24) have re-introduced the Puppy Protection Act, SB 117 and SB 118. This package of bills will create a large-scale commercial breeding kennel license and enact annual inspections and standards of care and housing in dog breeding facilities. The bills were referred to the Senate Agriculture Committee and are awaiting their first hearing.

This critical piece of legislation will crack down on puppy mills and put up a roadblock for any puppy mill that’s looking to locate here in Michigan. We will need your help again this year in getting the bills passed.

1. Please share this email with all your dog loving friends.

2. Contact your legislator with a short personalized email or brief phone. Tell them that Michigan cannot become a haven for puppy mills. Ask them to support the Puppy Protection Act ! If your Senator is a sponsor, be sure to thank them.

3. RSVP for Humane Lobby Day April 16th and talk directly with your legislator or staffer.

Our state must ensure that Michigan never becomes a hot spot for mass-produced puppies sold for profit like are close neighbors Ohio (Ranked #5) and Indiana (Ranked #7). Large-scale breeders will have to provide animals with quality housing (no wire floors), a large enclosure space and sanitary conditions, as well as exercise and veterinary care. The bills will also make sure that these facilities are inspected regularly, something many currently avoid by licensing their dogs individually.