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Help Get These Kitties Out of the Witness Protection Program!

These great kitties, through no fault of their own, have been undercover, after helping the government put some bad characters behind bars. Because of their heroic deeds, these kitties have been given new identities and are just now coming out of the shadows so that they can go into a loving home.

Some of the hooligans who were incarcerated include “Bugs, the Main Coon” who was a repeat offender, constantly stealing everyone’s cat toys and also “Bruno” the Poodle who seems to think cat tails are similar to rawhide bones. It is with great hesitation and trepidation that these cats come forward when other sinister canines and felines could be targeting them. Because they are in foster homes, they aren’t available for people to meet them at a shelter or an adoption outlet. A select few of you, with high enough security clearance and who have passed a background check, have been chosen to view this article.

Undercover Agent #1 (“Crush”)

Crush is a 10-12 week old male kitten. He was found cold, wet and hungry in a very busy parking lot (probably after being trailed by Bugs). He was brought home by Janice, his foster mom, and is a very playful kitty.

Crush, before and after going into witness protection.

Crush, before and after going into witness protection.

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Canine Blood Donations Can Save Other Pets in Traverse City

Your dog can be a real hero to another dog in Traverse City. Bay Area Pet Hospital is in need of healthy, well cared for dogs willing to donate blood to help save the life of another pooch.

From Bay Area Pet Hospital: This is a photo of one their blood donors while he is having his blood drawn. He is lighly sedated and minimal restrain is needed. Gabe has helped save 3 lives so far! The blood collected in this photo was used for a Collie in need.

From Bay Area Pet Hospital: This is a photo of one their blood donors while he is having his blood drawn. He is lighly sedated and minimal restrain is needed. Gabe has helped save 3 lives so far! The blood collected in this photo was used for a Collie in need.

Dozens of transfusions are performed every year to pets who have lost blood due to injury or disease and your pet could help save them! For more information, call Bay Area Pet Hospital and ask for Kismet 231-922-0911.

For more information on K9 blood donations click here.

Nineteen Pets Adopted at the Acme Fall Fest

Adoptable dog from AC PAW

Adoptable dog from AC PAW

It was a beautiful 90 degree day at the Acme Fall Fest on Saturday, September 28th at Flintfields in Williamsburg, home of the Horse Shows by the Bays. The pet adoption event was very busy with dogs and cats in all colors, shapes and sizes. In all, 14 dogs and four cats were adopted that day and others had interested people who might follow up on a future adoption. Continue reading

Swingshift and the Stars Kicks Off With Dancing and Donations for Animals

The first Swingshift and the Stars dance competition took place on Friday, September 20th with Father Fred being the big donation winner with over $25,000 raised for September. AC Paw raised $18,102 and Peace Ranch raised $2267.

Habitat for Humanity’s dancers, Dan Brady and Maria West won the dancing competition and received an award for $2250.

The next competition is on Friday, October 18th. Click here for more info.


Second Annual Pet Picture Day to Benefit Military Working Dog Team Support Association

Proceeds from the Second Annual Pet Picture Day, sponsored by Oakwood Pet Memorial Center in Maple City, will be donated to the Military Working Dog Team Support Association, a group organized solely to benefit both active and retired military working dogs.

“It’s a great opportunity to get a photo of your pet – or pets – and help out an organization that is dedicated to helping an often unsung group of heroes, military working dogs,” says Oakwood Memorial Pet Center co-owner Mike DePuy. “For just $25, all of which will go to MWDTSA, you’ll get a professional quality picture of your pet.  Any and all pets are welcome.” Continue reading

Wiener Dog Credited With Saving Men from Bear Attack

A dog being called a hero tonight, credited with saving the lives of two men when they were caught off guard by a bear.

Bradley, a Dachshund, put up a fight against the bear on Saturday in Oscoda County.

While he didn’t survive, the two men who were with him say because of him they did.

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Charlevoix Area Humane Society Wins Grant for Creative Fundraiser

The Charlevoix Area Humane Society is off to a good start for their Dining 4 Paws event, after wining a grant.

The Humane Society won a grant worth $4,000 from the Petco Foundation at the Michigan Partnership Animal Welfare Conference earlier in September, for the creative idea for their fundraiser. Click here for more information.

Family Looking for Help with Puppy Hit by Car


From the owner:

Meet Zeke, this is our 10mo old puppy & best friend to our one year old son. Two nights ago Zeke was hit by a car who didn’t care enough to stop. Hours later Zeke was found under our porch unable to move. We rushed him to the emergency hospital where They gave him a pain shot and sent him home. The next day we took Zeke to his normal vet where they did xrays and told us his hip was out of place. They attempted to put it back in and ended up breaking his leg at the growth plate (it was fractured and they didn’t see it). He now has to go to an orthopedic surgeon, where they have to cut about an inch of his leg off. They said it will regrow cartilage and he will be able to walk fine about a month after. The problem we have run into is that this surgery will be between $1500 & $1800. We don’t have that kind of money all at once to put down. Also we haven’t been accepted for care credit. All of the organizations such as hannds, hope, all of the vet’s in the area and all of the shelters don’t have the funds or don’t accept payments. I’m getting desperate. I’m out of people to call and have no options to help my poor puppy. Our son and this dog have literally grown up together. We rescued Zeke 2 days before Christmas when he was 5 weeks old from a garage where he was being kept without his mom. Someone left him to die, and we are faced with the same situation not even a year later. I’m feeling helpless and discouraged, like I have no where else to turn.

If you can help, please donate by clicking here.

Elderly Woman Dies, Leaving Behind a Blind Dog with Diabetes, and His Best Friend, In Need of a New Home

UPDATE OCTOBER 3RD… These dogs are currently being fostered by Handds to the Rescue. Please contact them if you are interested in these dogs.


A little more than a week ago, Fran, an elderly neighbor of a friend of mine, passed away, leaving behind her dogs, Zsa Zsa, an eight year old female Poodle/Bichon Frise and Bubba, an 11 year old male Maltese. These dogs not only shared a home together, they are best buddies. They are currently still living in their own home, being cared for by an upstairs caregiver, Jackie, who took care of their elderly “mom” for many years. The caregiver cares deeply for these dogs and wants to find them a loving home. She can’t keep them herself because she is gone a lot and has cats in her apartment. A family member might be moving into the house soon – meaning that it’s very urgent that a home is found for these dogs, but there is still some time to make sure that these dogs find the right home or homes.



Bubba is a special needs dog. He has diabetes and needs shots twice a day. He is also nearly blind, he is on thyroid medicine and eats special food for skin allergies (potato and duck formula). Once he started eating this food, his skin problems really cleared up.



Bubba comes with challenges but he is not dying. He needs someone who is willing to spend a little extra time and effort to care for him. Surely if a woman who was over 80 years old could keep up with him, there should be someone else out there who would be willing to give a special dog a home. Bubba still has some spunk left in him and loves to hang out with Zsa Zsa and chew on chew sticks that Jackie gives to him. Bubba gets around pretty well in his home and is often at Zsa Zsa’s side for comfort and reassurance. He sometimes follows Zsa Zsa around the yard and other times he wanders off on his own. It would be a good idea to have a leash on him in a new environment so that he doesn’t hurt himself and can get comfortable with his new territory. There are also good suggestions on the internet about how to take care of a blind dog – one of those links is below. Continue reading

Autumn Has Arrived…and is Looking for a Family!


Autumn was an an owner surrender at a county animal control facility. She was said to be around 11 years old but she acts a lot younger. The owners said they were getting rid of her because of a health issue but it was found all she needed was some inexpensive medication to control her problem.


Autumn gets along great with people and other dogs. She comes when she is called and knows the “sit” command. She is housebroken and crate trained and rides well in a car. She is well behaved in the house and doesn’t jump up on furniture, chew things or bed when you are eating. She does seem to have arthritis in her hips, but this isn’t why she stays off the furniture as she can jump from the ground into a crate in the back of a van without any encouragement. She isn’t on any pain meds right now and doesn’t really seem to need them. Her arthritis is only noticeable on days when she is very active. Continue reading

Sentencing Day for For Men Who Beheaded Smokey the Pit Bull in Grayling

In July of 2012, Seven Stuart and Daniel Weiskerch shot and decapitated a six-year-old Pit Bull named Smokey in Grayling. Smokey was very much loved by his family who had gotten him as a puppy. You can read the original story here.

smokey pic

These two men pleaded guilty in Circuit Court on July 22nd to animal cruelty charges which include one count of killing/torturing an animal. The plea deal agreement included a second charge of killing/torturing an animal and felony firearms charges being dropped for both men. They currently face a $5,000 fine, 500 hours of community service, up to two and a half years and prison and will be banned from owning animals.

Under MDOC (Michigan Department of Corrections.) guidelines, the maximum sentencing is two years and six months. The prosecutor believes that there is “substantial and compelling” reasons to depart from the MDOC recommendation of three to six months in jail.

Their sentencing will be on September 9th at 9 am at the court house in Grayling. Ron Lukas, the father of Smokey’s owner Dan Kelley, urges anyone in the area to be in the courthouse for sentencing to show their support of the highest possible sentencing available for this crime.

UPDATE SEPT. 7th: This article had earlier included information on emailing the prosecutor, asking for him to forward your emails to the judge about giving the highest possible sentencing in this case. Pet Friends Magazine has learned that the Judge in this case has received an objection to the letters sent and based on that, she has refused to consider them or read them because the people who sent the letters are not “victims.” Because of this, you are urged to show up in the courtroom in person to support a strong sentence in this case.

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 9TH: Unfortunately, the sentencing in this case was very minimal. Read more about it here.

No-kill No More? Genesee County Commissioners Plan to Tackle Animal Shelter Euthanasia this Week

The Genesee county veterinarian’s recommendation to restart routine euthanasia for cats at the county Animal Control Department shelter is expected to get a hearing this week, and the Board of Commissioners may end up divided on the issue.

Commissioners agreed to end routine euthanasia at the shelter about a month ago, but Veterinarian Michele Koan has asked the board to reconsider, saying the change has created more suffering than good for cats and kittens.

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Michigan Animal Legislation to Watch

from MPAW – Michigan Partnership for Animal Welfare

The Michigan House and Senate will be back in session on September 3rd. Some of the legislation to keep track of include:

• Puppy Protection Act – This would require large-scale commercial dog breeding kennels with more than 15 adult intact female dogs to register with the Michigan Dept. of Agriculture, pay an annual fee and comply with care and housing regulations.

• Stricter Penalties for Animal Abusers Concerning Animal Ownership – This would require courts to prohibit ownership of animals for a minimum of five years by any person convicted of certain crimes against animals, including neglect, abuse and dog fighting.

• Euthanasia Procedures – This would mandate that a cat or dog under control of a municipal animal control shelter could only be euthanized by administering an injection of a commercially prepared solution (this would ban the use of the gas chamber).

There are many more bills to check out by clicking here.