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Missing Sutton’s Bay Dog Found After 7 Days Without Food or Shelter

After being missing for seven days, Grizzly the sled dog from Suttons Bay was found on Wednesday laying in the snow off of a steep cliff in his owner’s backyard. Grizzly’s owner, Sarah Kelson, was searching for Grizzly on her property when she decided to get a hiking rope and repel down the cliff behind her home. That’s when Kelson saw Grizzly, nearly 100 feet down the cliff, laying in the snow. Click here for the rest of the story.


No Charges in Cat Found Dead in Trap at Sandy Pines Rec Park in Allegan County

The Allegan County Sheriff’s Office says no charges will be filed in connection to a dead cat found in a trap at a recreational community. In a report released Tuesday, the sheriff’s office said a “very emotional” person contacted dispatchers on Jan. 25 about a dead cat found in a live trap at Sandy Pines Recreational Community. Click here for the rest of the story.

Family Reunites with Missing Kalkaska Dog After 71 Days

A Kalkaska dog, missing since before Thanksgiving, was reunited with his family after 71 days on the run.

“I had about given up. I mean I didn’t totally give up, I left the deck lights on every night just in case he came home during the night time then the lights would be on for him,” said Barbara Ryan, Ralph’s owner.

Barbara Ryan and her son, Scott Matley, are having better days now that their beloved dog Ralph is back home. Click here for the rest of the story.