Baxter Looking for a Home for the New Year

ImageBaxter had been hoping that Santa would bring him a special home of his own this Christmas. But Christmas came and went and he wasn’t adopted. So now he’s looking forward to the new year and all the holidays to come for many years.

Baxter is a gorgeous two year old Shih Tzu/Bichon mix and he’s already neutered and ready to be adopted. He’s currently being fostered and his foster mom says that Baxter would do best in a home with older owners and no young children. He loves car rides and walks and would thrive in a calm household.


Baxter is skiddish around men and this could be the reason he was brought back to the breeder after an incident with a teenage boy. He is easily startled and timid of males so he will need patience to readjust into a new home.

He is shy when first meeting people but his foster parents see more and more personality from him daily. Besides loving car rides, he greets his foster mom at the door, fetches things, sleeps on her bed and loves his new chew stick. Another plus with having Baxter around…because of his breed, he does not shed and is very low maintenance!

If you would like to meet Baxter, call Kim VandenToorn 616-581-5717 or email her at


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