AC PAW Has Been Awarded Spay/Neuter Funds from the Michigan Dept. of Agriculture

Michigan Animal Shelters to Receive a Record $177,192 through Tax Donations and our own AC Paw is one of the deserving organizations to get this grant!

Officials at the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) today announced the recipients of the 2013 Companion Animal Welfare Funds.  For the 2013 grant period, 20 facilities were awarded $177,192, an increase over 2012 grant cycle of five facilities and $43,829.

The Companion Animal Welfare Fund is a tax check-off established under Public Act 132 of 2007.  The fund supports efforts to enhance the adoption of spayed and neutered animals.  Most funding is used to help cover costs related to sterilization surgery of animals prior to adoption.

“We highly encourage Michigan taxpayers to contribute funds on their tax returns to this important program,” said State Veterinarian Dr. Steven Halstead.  “Since this program began, including this 2013 cycle, over $533,000 has been granted to 59 shelter projects in Michigan.”

“We’re thrilled to see increased support for this program,” said Halstead.  “Unfortunately we aren’t in a position to fund all the great submissions, but hopefully one day we will be.”

Forty-five applications were received from licensed Michigan facilities (many first time applicants) totaling $427,389.05 in requests.  The maximum amount allowed for each facility is $10,000.

Additionally, this year MDARD will be funding anti-cruelty training programs with a focus on livestock.
“Horses are facing an especially difficult time this year because of the summer drought and the hay shortage,” said Halstead.  “We want to help these animals before there is a problem by making sure we have investigators well versed on proper horse care.”

The deadline for applying for the 2013 Companion Animal Welfare Fund grant was November 15, 2012, and recipients of the funds were notified by mail on December 3, 2012. Each year, after the Michigan Treasury Department allocates funds, MDARD mails a request for proposals to all licensed shelters in Michigan.


Antrim County Pet & Animal Watch (ACPAW) $10,000.00

Bay County Animal Control $550.00

Brownstown Animal Shelter $10,000.00

Calhoun County Animal Center $10,000.00

Chippewa County Animal Control Shelter $10,000.00

Genesee County Animal Control $9,664.00

Grosse Point Animal Adoption Society $10,000.00

H.O.P.E. Animal Shelter $10,000.00

Isabella County Animal Control $10,000.00

Kent County Animal Shelter $9,956.00

Macomb County Animal Shelter $1,100.00

Madison Heights Animal Control, City of $10,000.00

McCloud’s Lake Haven $10,000.00

Missaukee Humane Society $9,992.00

Newaygo County $10,000.00

Noah Project $8,800.00

Oceana County Animal Control $10,000.00

Pound Buddies $10,000.00

Saginaw County Animal Care Center $10,000.00

U.P. Animal Welfare Shelter $7,130.00
Total $177,192.00


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