Cherryland Humane Society Looking Towards More Adoptions by Using Shared Google Drive at Shelter

From Cherryland Humane Society…

We recently created a shared Google Drive for internal use at our shelter. Since we started using it, communication and organization within the shelter has vastly improved. Each staff member has their own folder within the Drive where they can put information they’d like to be able to share or access elsewhere. The Drive is updated with forms and documents so that any staff member can access and print information they need virtually anywhere or anytime. Continue reading


Senior Dogs Visiting Senior Homes with Silver Muzzle Cottage

A program is allowing senior dogs to lift the spirits of senior citizens in northern Michigan. The Silver Muzzle Cottage based in Rapid City in Kalkaska County, is a rescue and hospice for senior dogs across Michigan.  Their founder and president, Kim Skarritt started a program within the organization in 2015 called, ‘Seniors for Seniors’ where she brings her senior rescue dogs to meet with residents of senior living facilities.

Skarritt says it’s companionship at both ends and a way to enable the dogs to truly have a meaningful purpose during their senior years. Click here for the rest of the story.

Bay County Animal Control Gets New Name to Better Reflect its Mission

Positive changes are in the works for the animals housed by Bay County. As a result, Bay County Animal Control was recently renamed the Bay County Animal Service and Adoption Center as a part of a larger effort to implement best practices.

“We tossed around some concepts and, while it’s a little long, we think Bay County Animal Services and Adoption Center accurately describes the mission for our shelter here,” Bay County Executive Jim Barcia said. Click here for the rest of the story.

Animal Advocates Want to End Pet Leases in Michigan

You can lease a car, but did you know you can lease a pet?

Animal advocate, Pam Sordyl, say it’s only been an option in Michigan for a few years but says the practice is predatory and causes a lot of problems.

“It’s unethical and it needs to be outlawed,” she says.

Click here for the rest of story.

Introduced Bills Would Create Mandatory Reporters For Animal Abuse In Michigan

One newly introduced bill would make child and adult protective services workers mandatory reporters for suspected animal abuse and neglect.  If a worker has reason to suspect abuse, they have to report to law enforcement or animal control.  Otherwise, they face a misdemeanor. Republican Senator Peter Lucido is a bill sponsor. Click here for the rest of the story. 

Long Lost Cat from Minnesota Rescued in Leland

This little kitty has been through a lot this summer. Gracie Mae was in the wild for most of it. She arrived with her owners in July, aboard a boat en route to a 7,000-mile cruise around America. They came to Fishtown all the way from Minnesota. They were staying overnight when a storm came rocking through the shantytown, and Gracie Mae ran away. Click here for the rest of the story.

Virginia Family Visiting Elk Rapids Reunites with Lost Dog

“I just had it in my heart from the very beginning and I said we got to get this dog back to its owner,” said Brenda Boals, who found Molly the missing dog. A lost dog, states away from her family and now she’s back home thanks to a couple of kind strangers. A family from Virginia lost their dog while visiting Elk Rapids. They say Molly got spooked by some fireworks and took off, leaving her family heartbroken. Click here for the rest of the story.

A Happy Reunion: 3-legged Dog Returned to Ohio Family After 17 days in Michigan Woods

A local family was reunited with their beloved pup after he went missing on vacation. The dog named “Gru” is special; he is missing a leg. That actually helped in his rescue. The 4-year-old black lab mix is enjoying the cool comfortable floor of his home in Morrow. If dogs could talk, Gru would have quite the story to tell. The Webers think he traveled hundreds of miles during his adventure. Click here for the rest of the story.

Four Detroit Coworkers Share Custody of the Office Dog. Here’s How They Do It

It’s about 7:30 a.m. when Sam rolls up to the U.S.-Canadian border to cross into Detroit from Windsor, ready to start his workday at 8 a.m. at Strategic Staffing Solutions. 

The security officer asks, “Where are you going?” Sam responds only with a pleading puppy-dog look as Karyn Shockley presents his papers.

Sam isn’t like the typical office dog. He works for an international corporation. There, Sam is not just leashed to one owner, but is shared among multiple employees. Orvella Bettis (recruiter), Sharima Bulchak (assistant to CEO), Karyn Mahler (a fulfillment manager) and Katha Shockley (senior recruiter) all share custody of Sam, and switch off taking him home and caring for him. Click here for the rest of the story.

Rescue Group Now in Charge in Saginaw County

Effective August 1st, 2019 HoodCatz Rescue became the new management team for the Humane Society of Saginaw County. Their Facebook page said, “we are honored and elated to be entrusted by the previous management team with this very important responsibility. HSSC’s focus is the betterment of companion animals lives in Saginaw county.”

Their priority will be to continue to provide low cost spay/neuter for animals. They are also strong advocates of TNR of community cats and they plan on having a pet food pantry for low income residents so they don’t have to decide between feeding themselves or their pet.

Their rescue pets will be in foster homes because they firmly believe this is best for their physical and emotional recovery from neglect. They hope to have a operational website, phone and email by September 1st so please be patient as they have a lot to do. If there is an immediate emergency situation that needs to be addressed please email You can visit their Facebook page here.

UPDATE – From the Humane Society of United States, Michigan

A recap of some of their work and a preview of what’s coming up this fall!

 Puppy Peddling Bans

Remember back in December when then-Governor Snyder vetoed the puppy mill bills? That was only the first step in combatting the sale of puppy milled dogs in the state. It’s time to start passing ordinances to protect puppies across Michigan. On June 24th, Royal Oak became the largest city in the state to pass a retail sales ban. It was the 308th city in the country to do so. Retail sales bans are one of the most effective ways to combat puppy mills in your community. They cut off the puppy mill to pet store pipeline by preventing puppy sellers from setting up shop and pumping sick, neglected puppies into our cities. They are so effective, in fact, that Petland, the only national chain that still sells commercially raised puppies, created preemption legislation like the bills we defeated in Michigan to try and prevent communities from taking a stand against this vile industry. The more cities we can get to follow suit, the stronger our case will be to follow the example of California, Maryland and New York and ban the retail sale of dogs throughout Michigan. To learn more about introducing an ordinance in your own community, take a look at our toolkit and send me an email. I’m more than happy to help! Continue reading

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Microchips

Did you know that according to a study conducted by the American Veterinary Medical Association, dogs are 2.5 times more likely and cats are a whopping 21.4 times more likely to be returned to their home from a shelter if they have a registered microchip? Surprised to hear that statistic? Well, you’re not alone. There are many misunderstandings and myths about microchipping, so to clear up confusion, here are the top five things you probably didn’t know about microchips. Click here for the rest of the story.

Woman Charged After Animals Seized From ‘Extremely Unsanitary’ Home

Eight cats, four dogs, one mourning dove, one tortoise, a ball python and a chicken will be treated, fostered and re-homed after being seized from an “extremely unsanitary” Kingsley home, according to 86th District Court documents.

“It’s definitely in the five worst cases I’ve had,” said Jamie Croel, Grand Traverse County Animal Control supervisor. “They weren’t being cared for the way they should’ve been cared for.”

Their owner, Kingsley resident Debra Kay Sampson, faces felony charges for their treatment. Click here for the rest of the story.

New Events Planned For City Parks, Dog Beach Considered

Two new large-scale events are being planned for Traverse City parks, including a vegan festival in the Open Space this fall celebrating animal-free products and plant-based living and a Nordic skiing high school state championship this winter at Hickory Hills Ski Area. City Parks and Recreation commissioners approved both events Thursday, and also formed a committee to study the possibility of creating a designated dog beach in Traverse City. Click here for the rest of the story.

Kalkaska and Charlevoix County Placing More Dogs & Cats

From the No Kill Advocacy Center

Kalkaska County and Charlevoix County are the two newest members of the 90% Club in Michigan:

Kalkaska reported a placement rate of 97% for dogs and 94% for cats. Charlevoix reported a placement rate of 97% for dogs and 90% for cats.

They join 30 other counties throughout Michigan in the Club, the most of any state in the nation.

Congratulations to Charlevoix Area Humane Society and Kalkaska Animal Control/Shelter staff, volunteers, rescuers, and everyone else working to make a lifesaving difference in their communities.

A No Kill nation is within our reach…

Traverse City Dog Returns Home Months Later After 73 Days Missing

Jennifer Janiga was starting to lose hope that she’d ever see her dog again when she got the call. 

Hazel, Janiga’s Bernese Mountain dog, had been missing for 73 days, presumably wandering the woods of northern Michigan after she slipped away from caretakers in March. Her owners had tried everything to find her.

“I went down every road, I walked through woods, I walked everywhere — I was frantic,” Janiga said.

But last week, when Janiga answered a call from her vet, she got the news she and her family had hoped for over two months: Hazel was safe. Click here for the rest of the story.

Know the Law – Michigan Leash and Dog Bite Laws

Michigan has a 100-year-old statute stating you must leash your dog when it’s in public. Some cities have even more specific laws, like how long the leash must be, for example. Different locales have different rules, so always be sure to know what the ordinances are where you live. Michigan leash law is very clear about dogs being under the physical control of their owner. Click here for the rest of the story.

128 Animals Rescued in St. Clair County Community’s Worst-Ever Hoarding, Animal Abuse Case

More than 100 animals were rescued from a home in the worst hoarding and animal abuse case ever seen in one St. Clair County community, officials said.

Authorities got a search warrant based on the smell and noise coming from the home.

The woman inside the home on Bauman Road near Gratiot Avenue in Columbus Township had no comment about the case. Click here for more on the story.

Know Your Michigan Fireworks Laws for the Sake of Your Anxious Pets

Fireworks are always unsettling to our pets but there is not much we can do about the laws that allow them. In December of 2018, changes to the fireworks law were made by House Bill 5940 which defined new specific dates and times consumer-grade fireworks are legal. Most townships and cities changed their ordinances to match the state law but others have more lenient dates and times. Townships and other localities can be more lenient than state laws are but not more restrictive.

If you are hearing or seeing fireworks that fall outside of the legal dates and times, please report this to your local police department. Local police MUST enforce the laws even if there is no noise ordinance where you live. If the police refuse to enforce the law, please inform them of the dates and times the fireworks are allowed and go up the chain of command in that police department if needed – including showing up at the next township or county commissioners meeting to make them aware that your complaints aren’t being taken seriously. With the 4th of July coming up, everyone needs to be aware of when fireworks are allowed in the state of Michigan under the new law. Continue reading

No Charges Filed Against Roscommon County Couple who Tried to Drown Kittens


The Sheriff’s Office investigated a complaint of alleged animal cruelty last weekend. The Prosecutor’s Office released this statement today after reviewing the incident, and requested that we post this publicly.

“Our office has received calls from local media as well as others regarding the recent report of an attempted drowning of kittens by a couple in our county on June 7, 2019. This occurred in the Higgins Lake area where there has been an issue with feral cats and more recently with feral kittens. The couple, ages 90 and 78, recently noticed a strong odor in their garage and that feral cats were destroying their property by urinating/defecating on personal items. Two different sets of feral kittens were born in their garage over the last couple weeks. Continue reading

Dog-Friendly Vacation Ideas in Northern Michigan

What’s a trip Up North without your canine companion wagging its tail by your side? After searching for the best dog-friendly vacation spots in Northern Michigan, we have a fun guide for you and your furry best friend. Click here for the rest of the story.

Bipartisan Voices Urge USDA to Implement Puppy Mill Reforms

photo credit: Humane Society of the United States

With one month to go before public comment closes on a federal rule that would curb some of the worst practices at puppy mills, some prominent voices are making the case for why the U.S. government needs to finalize this proposal and go even further to protect dogs from problem breeders who exploit and mistreat the animals in their care.

In a Washington Examiner op-ed today, Lara Trump, an adviser to President Trump, U.S. Reps. Matt Gaetz and Brian Mast, both Florida Republicans, and former Florida Attorney-General Pam Bondi, urge the U.S. Department of Agriculture to finalize the rule with its “commonsense measures” that would prevent dog dealers and other licensees with terrible animal care violations from obtaining new licenses. The proposal would also require commercial breeders and other facilities regulated by the USDA to obtain annual hands-on veterinary examinations and life-saving vaccinations for dogs, and provide them with a continual source of fresh water.

The rule is a good first step, but, as the authors argue, it does not go far enough to ensure a decent quality of life for dogs in federally licensed commercial breeding operations. The USDA’s rules still allow commercial breeders to keep hundreds of dogs in small, stacked wire cages for their entire lives. “Dogs in commercial breeding operations deserve a decent quality of life, not just a clean bowl of water and an annual vet exam. They also deserve room to run, fresh air, and spacious, comfortable housing,” the op-ed states.

To go directly to the government website to make a comment, click here. You must post a comment by Tuesday, May 21at at 11:59 p.m. ET

For the rest of this story, please click here.