Covid-19 Animal Care: Curbside Service, Pet Supply Delivery, Video Adoptions

Employees at Preuss Pets in Lansing wear masks and gloves and stand behind a plexiglass shield in the parking lot to test water and sell fish and pet supplies.

It’s a scene that could be mistaken for a set for the next apocalyptic blockbuster. Now it’s daily life for these essential workers in light of COVID-19.

Animal-related organizations across the Great Lakes region face new challenges in caring for their critters in the midst of a pandemic.

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Michigan Boy Donates Truck Full of Pet Supplies to Romulus Animal Shelter

A 9-year-old boy raised enough money to purchase a truck full of pet supplies for the Romulus Animal Shelter.

Dylan Lowrey’s parents helped him collect cash donations from their community. The Romulus boy used the money to fill a truck with supplies, including materials for 30 hand-sewn dog beds. He also purchased pizza for the shelter’s staff.

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Shelter Pets Getting Fostered During Pandemic

In these days of self-quarantine and Stay at Home government mandates, many are feeling restless and scared. But there is one demographic that seems to be thriving: pets.

Never have our pets had the pleasure of so much of our attention, with added walks and couch time, as we collectively Netflix and chill.

Across the country, people have answered these pleas emptying many of the shelters by providing both permanent and temporary homes for dogs and cats in need. Click here for more on the story.

Pet Care by Shelters and Rescue Groups During Pandemic

From new processes for adoptions and donation collections at the Cherryland Humane Society to increased calls to Animal Control to a switch to curbside and online veterinary services, the coronavirus pandemic has impacted not just humans but animals across northern Michigan.

The Cherryland Humane Society (CHS) has closed its doors to walk-in visitors and suspended its volunteer program in compliance with the state’s Stay Home Stay Safe executive order. Executive Director Heidi Yates says that while the pandemic has created “a lot of uncertainty of what’s going to happen for people and their pets,” the community has shown an “outpouring of love and compassion to try and help the shelter through the crisis.” CHS is still facilitating pet adoptions online and by phone, with scheduled appointments available to finalize paperwork and pick up animals from the shelter. The organization is also fostering out a significant number of animals. Yates says that in just two weeks, the shelter has placed 60 animals into foster or adoptive homes. Click here for the rest of the story.

Non-Essential Veterinary Visits Banned in Michigan During Coronavirus Pandemic

Add routine pet checkups to the list of things that will have to wait until the COVID-19 pandemic subsides.

On Monday, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed an executive order prohibiting in-person veterinary services that aren’t essential and encouraging a shift towards telemedicine through the duration of the coronavirus pandemic.

The order takes effect 5 p.m. March 31. Click here for the rest of the story.

Antrim County Animal Shelter Found to Have Violated State Regulations

Frank, the Pit Bull

After an investigation by the Michigan Dept. of Agriculture, who monitors animal shelters in the state of Michigan, it was found that the Antrim County Animal Shelter has violated the requirements of maintaining the approximate weight of each dog or cat the Antrim County Animal Control Shelter acquired.

A warning letter was sent to the Animal Control Shelter Director, Sheriff Daniel Bean, on January 22, 2020. The letter further states that they have been in compliance since the investigation but any further violations of the Pet Shops, Dog Pounds and Animal Shelters Act could be subject to fines for each violation and the shelter could be found guilty of misdemeanors.

Further inquiry by Pet Friends with the Dept. of Agriculture shows that this violation arose out a case involving Frank, a black Pit Bull, who was picked up by Animal Control on May 2nd. There was no documented weight for Frank even though the shelter was in possession of weight scales at the time. Continue reading

AC PAW Rescues 57 Cats and Kittens in Old Mission Peninsula

It was another large rescue of feral cats and kittens getting out of control. AC PAW has stepped in to help almost five dozen cats and kittens who lived in Old Mission Peninsula. The adults will need to be relocated as barn cats the unless there are any that prove to be adoptable. The kittens, in a few months, will be put up for adoption when they are about 12 weeks old. Everyone will be getting spayed and neutered so that they will not reproduce any more cats.

This rescue will cost AC PAW about $10,000 or more for all of the veterinary services so please consider donating to them so they can continue to save cats in our area. You can donate here.

Study Finds That FIV-Positive Cats Can Live With Other Cats

A veterinary study has concluded that FIV-positive cats can live with other uninfected cats and not transmit the virus.

Purdue University’s College of Veterinary Medicine conducted a long-term study in cat shelters and drew two conclusions: FIV-positive cats can live with FIV-negative cats and not infect the FIV-negative cats during normal day-to-day interaction; and mother cats infected with FIV don’t pass the virus on to their kittens. The study was conducted by Dr. Annette L. Litster of the college’s Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences. Click here for the rest of the story.


Michigan House Bill Would Ban Cat Declawing

New proposed legislation in Michigan would make it illegal for residents to declaw their house cats.
State Rep. Nate Shannon (D) is the sponsor of H.B. 5508, which would prohibit any surgical procedure that prevents normal claw functioning in cats.

Violators of the ban would be slapped with fines of up to $1,000, reports. Click here for the rest of the story.

Michigan Humane Society Limiting Services for Eight Days to Help Community with Social Distancing

Citing the safety of staff, volunteers and supporters, the Michigan Humane Society made a special announcement that they would be limiting non-urgent functions through March 22nd due to the coronavirus situation.

They will be suspending adoptions and surrender services. Their veterinary clinics will remain open but they are encouraging customers to postpone non-urgent appointments for a month.

They are assuring the public that they will not leave an animal in harm’s way and that as they continue to support the needs of the animals in their communities and shelters, they ask for the community’s support in these challenging times.

Their statement and a link to information about the coronavirus and pets can be found here.

Michigan Animal Shelters, Homeless Pets Get Boost from Department of Agriculture Grants

The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) recently announced the recipients of the 2020 Animal Welfare Fund grants.

This year, MDARD will distribute $127,240 to 23 registered animal shelters throughout the state to support the spaying and neutering of shelter dogs and cats to help them be more adoptable. Grants also help support many anti-cruelty and proper care programs and training around the state.

Registered shelters also can receive assistance through the grant program for the unrecovered costs of care for animals involved in legal investigations.

The Animal Welfare Fund is supported by generous Michiganders during tax season when they check the fund’s box on Form 4642, Voluntary Contributions Schedule, with their state tax returns.

Since 2010, MDARD has distributed more than $1.3 million to more than 185 local animal shelters. One hundred percent of the contributions made to this fund are used for Michigan animal welfare programs. Continue reading

The Face and Story Behind the Cherryland Humane Society’s Social Media

Though Cherryland Humane Society has a smaller reach – about 14,500 Facebook followers – social media has played an equally crucial role for engagement. Over the past year and a half, Animal Welfare Manager Tia Thoms and Fund Development Specialist Grace Lambert have worked together to ramp up Cherryland’s online presence. Click here for the rest of the story.

Traverse City Man and His Dog Make a Bus Their Home

Housing is a highly discussed topic in Traverse City. The city’s expensive home costs and rental prices make living here difficult. Kyle Anderson is a young homeowner in Traverse City that just rented his house out in favor of a new living arrangement; living on a school bus. When I went to talk to Kyle I drove to the top of Historic Barns Park and looked around for a man and his dog. When I couldn’t find him I called, and when he answered he told me to turn around. Click here for the rest of the story.

Little Traverse Bay Humane Society Rescues 11 Dogs From Home

It was an alarming situation members of the Little Traverse Bay Humane Society were made aware of which ultimately helped save the lives of 11 dogs.

About a month ago, the humane society in Harbor Springs was alerted to an overcrowded dog situation at a home in Carp Lake after two puppies from the home were surrendered to the organization. Click here for the rest of the story.

Michigan Humane Society Teams With Feds, Detroit Police to Stop Dog Fighting Ring

The Michigan Humane Society, along with the USDA and Detroit Police Department, seized multiple canines from a suspected dog fighting ring between the 6300 and 6400 blocks of Abington on Detroit’s west side Tuesday morning.

Investigators executed a search warrant and found 21 dogs at the home, four of them puppies. The teams also discovered paraphernalia consistent with dog fighting and are currently questioning a suspect. Click here for the rest of the story.

AC PAW Celebrates Their 25th Birthday This Year

Animal Rescue Group AC PAW officially celebrated their 25th Birthday on Saturday, January 18th at PetSmart in Traverse City. They had a birthday cake and asked partygoers to bring presents for the cats and dogs in their foster program. In spite of the weather, AC PAW greeted previous adopters, new friends and had three adoptions over the weekend.

Over the past 25 years, they have found homes for more than 12,400 dogs and cats. That’s a big accomplishment for a foster-based animal rescue group with only a small number of cages available at the “cattery” at PetSmart in Traverse City, a place set aside to showcase their adoptable animals.

AC PAW started out with only two people in the beginning, founders June McGrath and Brian Manley. They held within them the key ingredients for an animal rescue to be successful – compassion, motivation, organization and dedication. Saving cats and dogs isn’t easy. In fact, most of the time it’s a very stressful, very unforgiving cause to be involved in. You literally make life and death decisions every day. You have to deal with irresponsible pet owners whose actions often manifest themselves in an animal being abused, neglected or just plain unwanted. Continue reading

21 Cats, 1 Rabbit Seized from Filthy Traverse City Apartment

Grand Traverse County Animal Control rescued 21 cats and a rabbit from a dirty apartment this week. They seized the animals from a Garfield Township apartment. Inside, officers found animal waste, debris and trash all over the floor. The owners are a 21-year-old woman and 25-year-old man from Traverse City. Click here for the rest of the story.

Silver Muzzle Cottage Works to Become More Than a Rescue

When I got to Silver Muzzle Cottage, I thought I was at the wrong place. Kim had told me she bought a house for her dogs, but I didn’t take her literally. I expected it to look like a typical shelter, not a ranch home with a big porch and a bigger backyard. I had also made a mistake by thinking that Silver Muzzle was already a shelter when in fact, it’s a sanctuary, and for those who don’t know, only shelters and foster-based rescues adopt out dogs. Kim wants to be more than a rescue and is taking all the steps necessary to make it possible for her rescues to get a second chance in a happy home. Click here for the rest of the story.

After 20 years, Humane Society Director Stepping Down; New Leader Announced

Little Traverse Bay Humane Society will begin 2020 with a new executive director, Danielle Blasko. For over 20 years, Deter Racine has been the executive director at Little Traverse Bay Humane Society. And she has created quite an impressive legacy.

In 2001, Racine took LTBHS from its original ramshackle building, on US 31, to its more hospitable digs, on West Conway Road, overseeing the building of the state of the art facility that now houses cats and dogs in need of new families. Click here for the rest of the story.

Finally: Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) is Treatable!

Due to popular request — and some exciting news —  we’re going to start our blog series by talking about Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP). Recently, members of the Nine Lives Foundation attended a symposium on FIP at UC Davis, and that is the source of most of the information presented here.  I will also link to other sources of information at the end of this blog. Click here for the rest of the story.

Traverse City Park Projects Includes Possible Dog Beach

From the Ticker

Several changes could soon come to Traverse City park properties as city leaders consider a potential new dog beach at Sunset Park.

Another parks project soon headed to city commissioners is the establishment of the city’s first designated dog beach. The city’s ordinance currently prohibits dogs on any groomed beach areas, which essentially constitute all beachfront parks. After studying the issue for several months – and looking at other communities like Ludington that operate popular dog beaches – the Parks and Recreation last week supported moving forward with designating Sunset Park as a dog-friendly beach. Continue reading

Cherryland Humane Society Dogs Get New Digs

A fundraiser sponsored by Pets Naturally and supported by many other businesses in Traverse City resulted in the Cherryland Humane Society being able to finance new doors for the dogs in their kennels. The doors will result in less sound than the chain-link ones and also makes it easier for dogs and people to see each other, reducing the stress of the dogs in the shelter.

The fundraiser called “Fundraiser for Fido” was sponsored by Kathy Hyland at Pets Naturally and included many other businesses who helped make it a success: Taproot Cider HouseRare Bird BrewpubIron Fish DistilleryMorselsAunt B’s Cakes & DessertsThe Cooks’ HouseAlliance RestaurantTrattoria StellaVisions Weddings and BanquetsRed GingerSilver SwanJimmy John’sHarringtons By The BayDog Bakery by Pets NaturallyBowers Harbor VineyardsBlue TractorBay View Flooring . CHS also thanks others who donated auction items or attended the event. Continue reading