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Michigan Humane Society Hires Matthew Pepper, a Michigan Native, as the New CEO/President

photo credit: Michigan Humane Society FB page

photo credit: Michigan Humane Society FB page

The Michigan Humane Society on August 13, 2014 named Matt Pepper, 38, to succeed Cal Morgan as president and chief executive officer. A Michigan native who earned a B.A. in wildlife biology at Grand State University, Pepper had been director of Bernalillo County Animal Care Services in Albuquerque, New Mexico, since 2011. Click here for the rest of the story.

According to Terry MacKillop, President of MAACO...

“Matt has a history with MAACO as an active member who was instrumental in setting up the first accredited training course with Grand Valley. He was a lead Animal Control Officer for Kent County. Matt left the state some years back to further his career in this industry with stops in Louisiana , Tennessee , and New Mexico as management. Matt is a board member of NACA and has a true passion to see the growth of the Animal Control field continue as it evolves in the years to come.

Matt  has a diversified background and will only better serve the state of Michigan and MHS as CEO and a new leader in this industry.”


Roscommon County Animal Shelter Rescues 68 Cats from Hoarding Situation

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Roscommon County Animal Shelter’s Emergency Outbuilding has become “Cat World” offering Comfort & Care for the 68 cats and kittens rescued from a recent hoarding situation in a Houghton Lake home.

A similar amount of cats were removed from the home two years ago but the man at the house continued to find cats and without spaying and neutering, they reproduced. Although the cats were fed, they were not well taken care of medically, many of them having intestinal parasites and fleas. Neighbors think that over the years the man could be responsible for as many as 300 cats. Continue reading

Dangerous Dog Bill Introduced

State Representative Sean McCann (D-Kalamazoo) has introduced a bill that would protect kids, pedestrians, letter carriers, utility workers and animal control officers from dangerous dogs. McCann’s bill focuses on specific dog behaviors, rather than breeds, by providing a framework for determining which dogs are dangerous and requiring their owners to take steps to protect people from them. For the rest of the story, click here.

To read the actual bill, click here: Dangerous Dogs bill.

This Year’s Winners of the PAW Awards: AC PAW, Missaukee Humane Society and the Roscommon County Animal Shelter

Adoptable animals through AC PAW, Missaukee Humane Society and the Roscommon County Animal Shelter

Adoptable animals through AC PAW, Missaukee Humane Society and the Roscommon County Animal Shelter

Northern Michigan Euthanasia & Intake Reports

These from reports released in 2014 for the year 2013

Every year, the Michigan Department of Agriculture releases the “Michigan Animal Shelter Activity Reports” for licensed animal shelters in Michigan. Fostering-only groups do not have to report but sometimes they do as well. This report includes, among other things, intake and euthanasia information.

I have organized the information for you so that you can easily check out the numbers for the animal shelters in your community. The results we have listed are for the shelters in our area that are on the Pet Friends Magazines shelters & rescues link. Some groups might not have reported last year or didn’t make the deadline to report this year.

Because I’d like the numbers to be as accurate as possible, I subtracted the “returned” animals from the intake numbers before figuring out the euthanasia rates. The starting numbers of intake reflect the number of animals put up for adoption without counting those animals that were returned to their owners.

For the purposes of Pet Friend Magazine’s 6th Annual “PAW” Award (Pet Friends Animal Welfare Award), the winners are based on the percentage of the least amount of euthanasias for the year 2013 compared to the intake numbers of cats and dogs.

To be eligible for the award, a rescue group or shelter must take in at least 50 animals to make them comparable to other shelters in deciding who wins the awards.

The Roscommon County Animal Shelter is the winner of the 2013 PAW Award from Pet Friends Magazine in the DOG category for the least amount of euthanasias.

AC PAW and the Missaukee Humane Society are the winners of the 2013 PAW Award from Pet Friends Magazine in the CAT category for the least amount of euthanasias.

Although the the AuSable Valley Animal shelter had zero cat euthanasis and WALHFMF in Antrim had zero dog euthanasis in 2013, they did not qualify for an award because of their low intake numbers.

Congratulations to our winners – and to those of you who are doing a great job to reduce the number of animals killed in your care! Click on the link to check out the results of this report. Continue reading

Westland Lawmakers Introduces Legislation Regulating Fireworks

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State Sen. Glenn Anderson, D-Westland, has gone ahead to introduce legislation to restore Michigan’s pre-2011 fireworks regulations. Anderson last week introduced Senate Bills 1023 and 1024 to re-establish the ban on aerial and explosive fireworks, which account for the vast majority of noise complaints and serious injuries. In 2011, Anderson was the only senator to vote against the fireworks law change.

“Something must be done to get this under control,” Anderson said. “Since the law was changed, in addition to the disturbance of the peace, Michigan residents have endured property damage and injuries, even deaths, related to these higher powered explosives now available. On top of that, the revenue that was promised by sponsors just hasn’t materialized. The burden of inspecting all of the new firework sale locations is virtually impossible and is costing the state more than licensing fees bring in.”

In the wake of Anderson’s initial announcement that legislation would be introduced, hundreds of citizens from across the state contacted his office with stories of sleepless nights during the work week, traumatized pets that have to be sedated for the holidays and fire damage from launches in dense urban communities. For the rest of the story click here.

SEPTEMBER UPDATE from Glenn S. Anderson, Michigan Senate:

Senate Bill 1023 and Senate Bill 1024 have been introduced and referred to a Michigan Senate committee.

I ask that you take one more small, but critically important step to help ensure that the bills move quickly through the legislative process.

Senate Bills 1023 and 1024, have been referred to the Senate Committee on Government Operations which is chaired by Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville (R-Monroe). It is now at Senator Richardville’s discretion as to when (or if) these bills will receive a committee hearing. If you wish to continue to help to reinstate the ban on explosive and aerial fireworks, it is imperative that you contact Senator Richardville.  

When you communicate with Senator Richardville, please:

1. request that he support the legislation and let him know you are also asking your own State legislators to support the legislation

2. mention that you are aware the bills are in his committee and that the full Senate should have an opportunity to vote on the bills

3. that he schedule a hearing for SB 1023 and 1024 when the Legislature reconvenes on September 9 or discharge the bills directly to the full Senate for a vote

4. include your personal reasons for supporting the legislation as well as your experiences

I urge you to contact Senator Richardville by email at: or by calling his office at: (517) 373-3543.

Please also contact your State Senator and State Representative to ask them to support SB 1023 and SB 1024. If you do not know who your legislators are you can look them up here:

Find your State Senator ‎-

Find your State Representative – ‎

Thank you again for your continued support as we look forward to safer and more peaceful neighborhoods in Michigan.


Glenn S. Anderson
Michigan State Senate
6th District

Four Dogs Die in Two Reported Wolf Attacks in Michigan

An official says four hunting dogs have died after two separate reported wolf attacks in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Michigan Department of Natural Resources spokeswoman Debbie Munson-Badini tells that attacks were reported Monday and Wednesday in Schoolcraft and Delta counties. For the rest of the story, click here.

Once Upon A Shelter

Grand Traverser Insider column
By Linda Gottwald

wildlife rescue

This week, we are going to take a little side trip a few miles from Pine Cone farm to a very magical place. Deep in an emerald forest, dark and cooled by the shady embrace of mature hardwoods, lies a 130-acre sanctuary that is Leelanau Wildlife Rescue. This haven is home to David and Donna Prevo, certified wildlife rehabilitators and, every spring, a dozen or so frolicking fawns.

Here for the past six years, the Prevos have nurtured these spotted, spindly-legged orphans, investing thousands of dollars and hours of labor. They receive no financial help from government agencies, and aside from a volunteer vet, the Prevos do it pretty much all on their own.

The fawns are raised through the summer until their white spots fade into reddish-tan coats. Then one bittersweet day when fall nips the air, the sanctuary’s gates swing open and they are free to the forest. For the rest of the story click here.

Grayling Dog Park Board Seeks Support from the Community

The Grayling Bark Park Board Members are looking for your support.  The idea for the Grayling Bark Park come to light in the summer of 2012, there is a large group of people that support the park idea in Grayling but we “need more support from the public and community leaders to get this off the ground,” said Denise Riehle, President of the board. “The Grayling Bark Park (GBP) is our idea of an off-leash dog park in the Grayling community, we would like to create a dog park for dog owners to promote and foster healthy canines.  Our goal is to provide a safe haven where canines can enjoy the outdoors off- leash to socialize and exercise with other dogs.” Click here for the rest of the story.

Wexford County Commissioner Candidates Answer Questions about the Animal Control Department

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On Tuesday, August 5th, there will be a primary election in Wexford County as there will be in counties all over Michigan. There are a few districts where the seat is contested and a decision will have to made about who to vote for. The same questions were posed to all candidates who had an opponent in their district.  Continue reading

Michigan Pet Legislation Update

Grant’s Bill – Ending Gas Chamber Use in Michigan Shelters 


The Michigan legislature will come back from its summer break on September 9, then it will have only a few months to pass Grant’s Bill, SB 354 to end gas chamber use in Michigan shelters, before the session ends in December. This bill has already passed the Senate unanimously, but it is now sitting in the House Committee on Local Government. So if your Representative is a member of that committee (which includes Reps. Amanda Price, Dave Pagel, Kevin Daley, Ray Franz, Peter Pettalia, Pat Somerville, Bruce Rendon, Joseph Graves, Woodrow Stanley, Brian Banks, Alberta Talabi, and Robert Kosowski) please call her or his office to politely request that they support SB 354 when it is heard again in their committee. You can find your Representatives and their contact info here and you can read and more info about Grant’s Bill here.

Logan’s Law Passes Michigan House of Representatives, Moves on to the Senate

Please read about this law here and how you can help it move forward.

Help Save Pets Used in Dog Fighting

Currently, Michigan is one of only 13 states that automatically doom dogs rescued from animal fighters. A humane bill (SB 990) being introduced by Senators Pappageorge, Brandenburg, Colbeck and Hune will save lives by requiring individual evaluation for dogs who have been victims of such cruelty. In essence, the bill allows for the owning, adopting and transferring of a dog seized in a fight bust, if the dog or puppy is fit for placement. Canine victims of cruelty should not automatically be condemned for the crimes of their owners.  Every dog is an individual and should be judged by his or her behavior. This humane bill would also require agencies taking custody of fight-bust animals to give notice to the dogs’ owner and require that the owner post a security deposit to cover the cost of the dogs’ care. Politics is not a spectator sport. Please click here to take action and send a letter today asking your state representative and state senator to support this important legislation. For more on this story, click here.