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Parrot Rescue Group Starts in Traverse City

Often when you think of animal rescue groups, most people think of dogs, cats and horses. However, there are many other animals that people get involved with rescuing as well including birds. Husband and wife team, Jake & Tara Hurlin, decided that they wanted to start a parrot rescue and have named it Hurlin’s Hospitality and Parrot Rescue which is operated out of their house in Traverse City.

Hurlin’s Hospitality and Parrot Rescue specializes in urgent and severe rescue  including life or death situations and birds in a state of emergency such as abandonment. They also offer a boarding service to help fund their rescue. They just started their rescue group although they have been rescuing parrots for several years.

The birds have a nice, comfortable room to hang out in.

The birds have a nice, comfortable room to hang out in.

Parrots are often in need of rescue because their owners have to give them up for a behavior issue or a life change in which the person no longer has time for the bid. Because some larger parrots can outlive their owners, they are a huge commitment to make as a pet. Owners should think about what would happen to their Parrot if something would happen to them and the bird would need to be re-homed. For more information about the life spans of Parrots, please click here.   Continue reading