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Silver Muzzle Cottage Volunteer Needs Help Paying for Urgent Dental Work for Her Dog

gracie dental

A dedicated Silver Muzzle Cottage volunteers is in dire straits and needs help with her senior dog, Gracie. Gracie needs her teeth pulled as soon as possible because it is bad enough to be life threatening due to infection. Gracie’s mom needs $2000 to pay the veterinarian and has raised $1435 so far. To learn more about Gracie and her mom – and to donate, please click here.


Old Cat: Litter Box Problems

Old cat litter box issues develop whether your cat learned faithful toilet etiquette as a kitten or developed hit-or-miss potty problems as an adult. While many senior citizen felines never have problems, it’s a good idea to be aware of potential toilet challenges and help your old fogy cat retain “old faithful” status. Click here to learn about seven tips for solving old cat litter box problems.


10 tips: Keeping Your Pets Safe During ‘Dog Days of Winter’ courtesy photo

Photo credit: Richland Animal Rescue

Michigan is expected to get hit with some heavy snowstorms soon and people aren’t the only ones who need to stay warm and safe. Pet owners should keep “man’s best friend” in mind as well when it comes to braving the “Dog Days of Winter,” according to Detroit Dog Rescue. “Extreme cold temperatures can be very dangerous for dogs outside,” said David Rudolph, a DDR spokesperson, in a statement. Click here for the rest of the article.

Family Looking for Help with Puppy Hit by Car


From the owner:

Meet Zeke, this is our 10mo old puppy & best friend to our one year old son. Two nights ago Zeke was hit by a car who didn’t care enough to stop. Hours later Zeke was found under our porch unable to move. We rushed him to the emergency hospital where They gave him a pain shot and sent him home. The next day we took Zeke to his normal vet where they did xrays and told us his hip was out of place. They attempted to put it back in and ended up breaking his leg at the growth plate (it was fractured and they didn’t see it). He now has to go to an orthopedic surgeon, where they have to cut about an inch of his leg off. They said it will regrow cartilage and he will be able to walk fine about a month after. The problem we have run into is that this surgery will be between $1500 & $1800. We don’t have that kind of money all at once to put down. Also we haven’t been accepted for care credit. All of the organizations such as hannds, hope, all of the vet’s in the area and all of the shelters don’t have the funds or don’t accept payments. I’m getting desperate. I’m out of people to call and have no options to help my poor puppy. Our son and this dog have literally grown up together. We rescued Zeke 2 days before Christmas when he was 5 weeks old from a garage where he was being kept without his mom. Someone left him to die, and we are faced with the same situation not even a year later. I’m feeling helpless and discouraged, like I have no where else to turn.

If you can help, please donate by clicking here.

Autumn Has Arrived…and is Looking for a Family!


Autumn was an an owner surrender at a county animal control facility. She was said to be around 11 years old but she acts a lot younger. The owners said they were getting rid of her because of a health issue but it was found all she needed was some inexpensive medication to control her problem.


Autumn gets along great with people and other dogs. She comes when she is called and knows the “sit” command. She is housebroken and crate trained and rides well in a car. She is well behaved in the house and doesn’t jump up on furniture, chew things or bed when you are eating. She does seem to have arthritis in her hips, but this isn’t why she stays off the furniture as she can jump from the ground into a crate in the back of a van without any encouragement. She isn’t on any pain meds right now and doesn’t really seem to need them. Her arthritis is only noticeable on days when she is very active. Continue reading

Rescue Groups Invited to Day Long Seminars During Michigan Animal Control Officers Conference

MAACO (Michigan Association of Animal Control Officers) has a conference every year and on May 8th, they invited MPAWS to join their annual conference for something called an “MPAW” Track. MPAW stands for “Michigan Partnership for Animal Welfare” and is a Michigan Humane Society group that was formed as a comprehensive partnership for animal welfare organizations and animal advocates. Their mission is to build strong organizations and networks in Michigan to better serve animals. You can read more about that here.

The MAACO conference, as well as the MPAW event, was held at the Crystal Mountain Resort in Thompsonville.

The MPAW track was a day-long event which was open to anyone in the animal welfare industry, not just members of MAACO. Many groups took advantage of this offer so that they could participate in this kind of continuing education including a group of volunteers from AC PAW.


The speakers were talking about many important things. The seminars included: Contagious Diseases in Shelters and Rescue Groups (Shirene Cece, DVM, Director of Shelter Medicine, MHS); Waging War Against Disease (Cece); Dog Behavior Evaluations 101 (CJ Bentley, Senior Director of Ooperations, MHS): Starting off on the Right Paw and Recognizing Animal Cruelty and Knowing What to Do About it (Linda Reider, Director of Statewide Initiatives, MHS).

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Recognizing Animal Cruelty and Knowing What to Do About It

Animal neglect and cruelty don’t seem to be issues that are going away anytime soon, especially in Northern Lower Michigan. Because many people in the community are uncertain about how to deal with this issue and how it is investigated, I recently attended day-long event that was offered through the MAACO (Michigan Association of Animal Control Officers) annual conference. They invited MPAW (Michigan Partnership for Animal Welfare) to participate in the conference for a set of seminars in Thompsonville on May 8th.

Photo credit: Michigan Humane Society (photo of Julie)

Photo credit: Michigan Humane Society (photo of Julie)

I wanted to find out more information for my readers about what they can do when they suspect animal cruelty, neglect or dog fighting. Most of this information was learned from the seminar they offered on this topic, which was my main reason for attending. Other information was gained through other sources and my reporting about this topic over the years.

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Spotlight on Rascal


Rascal was adopted from AC PAW at six months by a very nice couple.  Sadly she was returned at seven years old as the apartment complex would not allow pets.  Rascal has been with AC PAW for almost a year looking for a new forever home.  She is in a foster home but does not like other cats so she has to be kept separate.  She has full run of the downstairs but would really love a home where is can be with her family all of the time.  Rascal does not do well at the PetSmart adoptions.  She loves her foster home but does not want to be at adoptions with other cats, dogs, and noises.  As soon as her foster mom puts her carrier on the van seat to go back home, she is back to her sweet self.



Rascal is a very inquisitive cat.  She loves to climb and will try to get as high as possible.  Rascal will check on you to see where you are at and then continue on her way.  Her favorite sleeping spot is on the bed with her fleece blanket.  She loves to curl up with you at night and be petted.  Rascal is a domestic long haired black and white cat.  She is spayed, up-to-date on her vaccinations, and front declawed.  Rascal would do best in a home with no other pets or small children.  She is available for adoption through AC PAW.  The adoption fee is $100.  Please call her foster mom Sally with any questions at 231-649-995

Sweet Mia Needs a Foster or Permanent Home

mia for pf site

Animal Rescuers from all over the World Come Together in Las Vegas to Learn How to Save More Pets at the Best Friends Conference

The reason to attend the Best Friends Animal Society’s No More Homeless Pets National Conference hit me like a ton of bricks on the ride back from visiting their sanctuary at Angel Canyon in Kanab, Utah last week. There was a group of about 40 of us who decided to visit the sanctuary ahead of the conference. On Monday, October 22nd, we boarded a bus from the hotel “Rio” in Las Vegas and headed east. Continue reading

Michigan Animal Welfare Groups Learn How to Make the No Kill Philosophy a Reality

The second annual Michigan Pet Fund Alliance “Getting to the Goal” No-kill Conference took place in September in Lansing recently. I was lucky enough to attend this year and it was definitely worth the trip from Traverse City. Individuals and groups from all over Michigan came together to network and participate in sessions to learn more about the no-kill movement and how to save more pets. I met directors of animal shelters, rescue group volunteers and people who were interested in getting started in animal rescue, including a woman who was interested in starting a meet-up group to help feral cats. Continue reading