A Mother in San Diego Finds a Way to Give Back to Animals in Need

Amie Brenner knew she needed to do more to help animals in need. After volunteering at the Helen Woodward Animal Center for over a year, and having three rescue animals of her own, she decided to start a company designing and selling rescue themed phone cases. Her company, PhoneCasesToTheRescue donates 15% back to the rescues and shelters and has already seen the positive impact the proceeds have made, which is her entire goal. “Sending out the proceeds checks is by far my favorite part. I know that the money is helping to get these homeless pets into their forever homes and give them much needed medical care and that warms my heart. We fed over 600 shelter dogs with the proceeds last year!” Amie Brenner, Founder of PhoneCasesToTheRescue.

The company has over 35 phone case designs currently and they are adding more all of the time. They have had many requests to design cases for specific breeds in mind and even animal rescue or shelter logos. Amie says they take all recommendations very serious and do their best to add that into the selection. 

The company also likes to promote awareness by featuring Rescue Stories. These heartwarming stories describe a specific animals unique rescue experience. They recently featured a Rescue Story on a dog named Gordon that was hit by a car and devastatingly paralyzed, and how he went from living on the streets in Taiwan to having an amazing and loving life, with his rescue family, here in the US. They even wrote a Rescue Story and designed a phone case for Esther The Wonder Pig, who has become quite the famous pig and is bringing awareness to the important world of farm animal rescue. Part of the proceeds from every Esther The Wonder Pig case go to Esther’s farm animal sanctuary.   

“As long as we are making a difference, bringing awareness to the issue of homeless animals, and making people smile with our cases, we will happily continue to do this.”, Amie states. She is also a RN and busy mother of three, but says, ‘Showing compassion towards animals is a wonderful thing to teach kids.’

To check out these wonderful cases, visit their website @ www.PhoneCasesToTheRescue.com



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