Help End Breed Discrimination Laws in Michigan

From Best Friends Animal Society

We all want safe and humane communities for people and pets. Breed discriminatory laws fail to enhance public safety, are a waste of tax dollars, and interfere with the rights of responsible dog owners. But there is good news! Michigan Senate Bill 741 was introduced with the goal of safety (first and foremost) in the most effective and most comprehensive way possible. Senate bills 708, 709 and 710 were also introduced to complement SB 741 in promoting public safety in Michigan.  

These bills make up a comprehensive public safety package that would eliminate breed discrimination in municipalities throughout Michigan, hold reckless owners of animals responsible for the behavior of their individual animals, and provide protections to dog victims seized from abusive fighting situations. The protections provided in these bills are long overdue for our communities and our pets. Your senator needs to know that you support these important pieces of legislation that would protect families and their pets in our state. Your voice needs to be heard today.

Politics is not a spectator sport, so please take action today by sending an email asking your senator to support Senate bills 741, 708, 709 and 710. Please also also ask your senator to communicate support of this bill package to the Senate Judiciary Committee. Phone calls can also be effective. You can use our online tool to locate your senator’s phone number.

Thank you for speaking up. Together, we are ending breed discrimination to Save Them All. Click here to email your Senator…



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