Area Veterinarians Keep Animal Rescuers Rolling Along

Behind every successful animal rescue organization and animal shelter are passionate and committed veterinarians who helps them treat and save pets in their community. For a lot of animal rescuers, their veterinarian bill is one of their biggest expenses and their veterinarians are one of the most important reasons for their success.

Often, stray pets – and even previously owned pets – don’t get the veterinary care that they need. It’s a rare moment when a rescue group or animal shelter gets a healthy pet that is also spayed and neutered. Before these animals get adopted out, they go to a veterinarian for an exam and are often also treated for things such as fleas, rabies shots, ear infections, malnourishment, skin issues, heartworm disease and some receive expensive treatment like surgery after getting hit by a car or parvo treatment. Although an adoption fee from an animal shelter or rescue group can seem like a lot of money, it is often quite a “deal” as these animal rescuers have already had the pets get the veterinary care described above and they have otten these pets updated with their shots, spayed and neutered and some are also microchipped.

In the Grand Traverse area, Veterinarians Dr. Sara Lint and Dr. Leslie Littlefield of The Clark-Everett Dog and Cat Hospital in Traverse City help many groups including AC PAW, Cherryland Humane Society and The Munchkins’ Mission.

This little bottle baby who was fostered with AC PAW is just one of many pets who the organization is able to save thanks to help of local veterinarians.

In addition to Clark-Everett Dog and Cat Hospital, Cherryland Humane Society also relies on veterinarians at Grand Traverse Veterinary Hospital, Northwood Animal Hospital and Suttons Bay Animal Hospital. Dr. Albert Lynch of Companion Animal Hospital also comes into the shelter every other Wednesday, donating his time. Since the shelter opened, CHS has relied on the services of many area veterinarians along the way.

Dr. R. Craig Brakeman of Cherry Capital Mobile Pet Hospital is very committed to helping H.A.N.D.D.S. to the Rescue and the pet owners who come to the Tractor Supply Store on US-31 in Traverse City. Besides treating the dogs that come through H.A.N.D.D.S. to be adopted out, they also offer special events such as vaccination clinics for pet owners who go to the Tractor Supply Store. H.A.N.D.D.S. to the Rescue also relies on Oakwood Veterinary Hospital to treat the dogs in their rescue group. Kathy McCarthy of H.A.N.D.D.S. says, “we could not help the helpless without good, inexpensive vet care.”

Silver Muzzle Cottage relies on the veterinarians at Elk Rapids Animal Hospital and also asked to thank Dr. Craig Brakeman for doing a vaccine/microchipping fundraiser for them.

One of the main ways to slow down the homeless pets problem is to get more pets spayed and neutered. ARC , a recent coalition of animal rescue organizations, has as one of their goals, spaying and neutering more pets in the Northern Lower Michigan area and hopes to work with these veterinarians as well as other local veterinarians to achieve this goal by working on low cost spay neuter options.



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