Animal Bill to Create Harsher Penalties for Abused or Neglected Animals Passes Michigan Senate Judiciary Committee

SB 276/277 Passed the Senate Judiciary committee on April 25th and the next step is for it to go to the whole Senate. Click here for an analysis of the bill.

The bill is supported by HSUS, ASPCA and Attorneys for Animals.

SB 276/277 and HB 4332/4333 does the following:

• Creates harsher felony penalties if people abuse or neglect 10 or more animals.

• Extends current law to specifically cover dog breeders and pet shop owners.

• Adds felony level penalties for chronic offenders.

• The current penalty for deliberately killing or mutilating an animal is up to four years in prison.

• SB 276/277 increases prison time to up to 10 years if the animal harmed was a companion animal, and if the harming of that companion animal caused psychological damage to the human victim.

• Creates a tiered system to classify degrees of torturing or killing animals.

Please find your Michigan Senator here and ask them to support this bill.


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