Pageant Runner-Up and Pit Bull Advocate Competing Again

Traverse City’s Jessica Mason Froehlich, First Runner Up in the Ms. America Pageant, will be competing on April 29th and 30th in the Mrs. Michigan Pageant in Jenison, representing Traverse City. Women across our state compete to be Mrs. Michigan, which is the state level pageant for the Mrs. America Pageant. Mrs. America is the premier pageant for married women over the age of 18. Women compete in three categories including interview (50%), physical fitness/swimsuit (25%) and evening gown. Froehlich says, “the interview is the most important piece because that is most reflective of what the year as Mrs. Michigan will look like. The title allows the winner to do just about anything she desires to make a difference in her community.The crown commands the attention necessary to make the biggest impact.”

Froehlich continues her work in bully prevention and that will be her platform again during this pageant. She gives presentations at schools, teaching kids to identify bullying behaviors in themselves and teaches them skills to solve the problem, get help, call out bullying in their friends and also to stand up to those who may be acting out against them. She says, “Teaching kids to act with compassion, rather than just reacting to a situation, helps them become for thoughtful and kind. These are skills that will not only serve them through their lives, but will improve our society as a whole.”

 Her concern has been that the “Anti-Bullying” movement has increased labels and demonized kids who are just having a tough time. By making bullies the bad guys, kids don’t see their own bad choices, or they get pigeon holed into the role. Froehlich says, “I teach these skills by using the example of Pit Bulls. The label of Pit Bull has also been demonized and has only ended up in hurting innocent animals. By using animal behavior to teach problem solving, the kids are able to separate themselves from their behaviors and see them rationally. I use the options of Get Mad, Get Help, or Get a Solution to illustrate common problems.”

Froehlich is currently working on a book. She says, “I’ve written a story called “Pitty the Bully” about a Pit Bull named Sophie who helps a little boy understand his bullying behaviors as they learn to make good choices together. They both fight the labels they’ve been given and teach kids how to act with kindness and compassion. I read this story in my presentations and hope to publish this year!” She met with an illustrator in May and hopes to publish with a supported self-publisher this year. One of her goals as Mrs. Michigan is to create a legacy through her bully prevention and awareness program and story.

Froehlich has also been busy with her dance team. The All-American Starz Dance Team is competing in their first region competition this weekend in Lansing. They are a free dance, cheer, pom and leadership team she coaches through the Salvation Army for girls ages 6-12. These girls don’t pay to be on the team and they pay for their uniforms through community fundraisers. Froehlich says, “The girls are leaders and work to support others.They are good humans who work hard and I am beyond proud to coach. The Starz program is the flag ship team of the work I do as Mrs. Traverse City and will continue to support me in my philanthropic work.”


Jessica Mason Froehlich won the competition! Congratulations, Jessica!


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