Help Michigan’s Animal Shelters with the Animal Welfare Fund

from Attorneys for Animals


You can help animals and animal shelters when filing your Michigan taxes this year. It’s easy: go to line 22 of MI 1040; get Form 4642; choose Option 4.

What is the Animal Welfare Fund?

The AWF is a pool of money funded by voluntary contributions of Michigan’s taxpayers that provides grants to shelters to:

· Increase the number of Michigan dogs and cats who are sterilized before adoption

· Fund anti-cruelty and proper care programs for the public

· Provide anti-cruelty training for staff of, and equipment for, animal shelters

The Animal Welfare Fund:

· Provided 96 animal shelters throughout Michigan with a combined $769,543 in the past five years

· Assisted with 2,656 sterilizations in one year, encouraging the quick adoption of 1,689 cats and 967 dogs and opening more space for abandoned dogs and cats at our state’s shelters

· Assisted with project to provide low-income families with dog houses and straw during winter for dogs outside in the winter

With your contribution of $5 or $10 or more, the Animal Welfare Fund will grow, and more animals can be helped here in Michigan!


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