Honey the Golden Retriever Gets a Second Chance in Children’s Book


The children’s book “Honey’s Second Chance” by Brandy Herr is a well-illustrated and moving story about a Golden Retriever named Honey who spent a large number of her early years tied up to a tree. Over time, Honey got more and more depressed and would sleep a lot. One day, she was taken to an animal shelter and they decided to call a rescue group to come and get her so that she could recover and find a new home. Honey’s collar had dug more and more into her skin as she grew bigger and the rescue group Second Chance Farm got rid of the collar, nursed her back to health and got her ready to find a new home.

When Honey arrived at the Farm, she woke up to the face of another dog named Doofus who told her what a great place she had come to and that she would be taken care of. Other animals around Honey also appeared to be very special – they were blind or deaf or only had three legs or were older. They all needed help and they were all treated with love and attention from Mama, the founder of Second Chance Farm. They were all happy and safe because of Mama and her other friends who helped them get better and learn how to be a family pet.

Once Honey was ready for adoption, a very special family came to visit her and fell in love. They took her home with them. Even though Honey was scared to leave the farm, she was excited for her new adventure and her “second chance.”

This book is a good way to educate children about dog care, animal shelters and animal rescue groups with the use of a heartwarming story and engaging illustrations.


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