Peace Ranch to Offer “Landing Zone” for Veterans

It’s an essential part of the Christmas wish — peace on earth. But for some veterans, that can be hard to find, even during the holidays. Jack O’Malley introduces us to two Vietnam veterans creating a haven so those who served can heal in this week’s Jack’s Journal. Our story is about a cabin but begins with Vietnam vets coming to a place called PEACE Ranch to find healing.

 “It’s the type of therapy that is really helpful with people who’ve had traumatic experiences that they really can’t talk about,” says Jackie Kashell.

The term is moral injury, things done in war that the soul has to reconcile with when back in civilian life.  A group of Vietnam vets came to Peace Ranch to work it through. One day they took a walk around the grounds, looking for a place to start on a project.

“We walked around the property and they chose this place, and they were talking together and they formulated a plan for a place for veterans to come and just be at peace,” explains Jackie.

“We had several ideas and we finally decided to build a cabin that can be passed on to the future, other veterans that might need it,” says veteran Larry Lelito. Click here for more on the story.


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