Sadie the Dog Returned to Roscommon Home

A Northern Michigan dog that was taken away from her owner by animal control after it was injured has been returned home. It started when the Roscommon County prosecutor said the owner’s son ran over the dog’s paw with a go-kart in May. Roscommon County animal control said they warned Cindy Hodges about treating the dog multiple times before signing a warrant to take Sadie, the golden retriever, away and get her surgery. Click here for the rest of the story.


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One thought on “Sadie the Dog Returned to Roscommon Home

  1. Cynthia Hodges October 9, 2016 at 8:25 pm Reply

    Thank You for Coverage on Sadie. Hope this never happens to another family. My goal was to fight this to the end because it was such a travesty of justice! Court System postponed trial until December and scheduled it for 2 day trial vs 1 day. Expert Witness would have been very costly. I had no choice but pay extortion fee. Sadie came home much worse off than she was. The damage to her limb is disgusting. She was also full of fleas when I brought her home. Roscommon Animal Shelter is not a friend to your animals. A change is needed! Contact Roscommon County Commissioners to express your concerns.

    Thank You for Caring,
    Sadie and Cindy

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