Otsego County Animal Shelter Wins Award from Michigan Pet Fund Alliance


Michigan Pet Fund Alliance used the 2015 annual shelter reports that each licensed shelter is required to submit to the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, and performed calculations to determine each shelter’s performance in saving lives. The Otsego County Animal Shelter won one of the “Leading the Way Awards.”

On January 1, 1999, the Donald Reece Animal Shelter became the first municipal no kill shelter in Michigan. On May 11, 1999, Otsego County made this no kill “policy” an official resolution. The resolution was founded on the basis that Otsego County believed it to be in the best interest of the citizens to enhance the quality of life of dogs, cats and other companion animals. The County desired an effective, humane way of solving the homeless and unwanted pet problem and overpopulation. This resolution was also founded on the belief that ONLY those animals received in a condition of terminal illness or mortal injury that are beyond clinical redemption and/or animals that are deemed aggressive and/or dangerous and cannot be successfully rehabilitated with available resources should be humanely destroyed.

Another animal shelter in Northern Lower Michigan also won an award. Clare County Animal Control won an award for for being a most improved open/managed admissions shelter (medium size – 600 to 12— annual intake).

To look at how the rest of the animal shelters did for the year 2015 click here.


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