Grand Traverse County Getting Closer to Hiring Staff for Animal Control Division


According to Grand Traverse Deputy Administrator, Jennifer DeHaan, Grand Traverse County should have an Animal Control Officer and an Animal Control Specialist in the next few weeks.

When asked about the progress of these two positions, she said, “The County conducted two rounds of interviews with candidates for the position of Animal Control Officer and Animal Control Specialist. Consistent with the County’s practice, the Health Department staff and management conducted both rounds of interviews. Cherryland Humane Society was also involved in the first round of interviews which was comprised of eight candidates, which were then narrowed down to four candidates for the second interview panel. We are currently vetting two final candidates for the positions and reviewing the budget that is projected to be available in Fiscal Year 2017.”

She continued, “We will be making an offer to both of these candidates and will bring them on board as soon as they are available and complete background and reference checks. Vehicles and equipment are being inspected and made ready for use. We anticipate one (or both) will begin in the next few weeks and are arranging job shadowing with neighboring animal control officers. Strategic planning will also occur throughout the fall and winter to prioritize services needed by the public within the context of the current budget.”

photo credit: Nathan R. Yergle


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One thought on “Grand Traverse County Getting Closer to Hiring Staff for Animal Control Division

  1. […] The political climate of the past year, including Maxbauer’s OWI charge, could help him edge out the incumbent candidate this year with many voters upset about the recent changes since Tom Menzel became the new County Administrator and what that has meant to the County. One of those changes includes the loss of two full-time Animal Control Officers and the services they provided. The County is currently in the process of hiring two part-time Animal Control Employees which you can read about here. […]

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