Help with Veterinary Bills Available in Traverse City

photo credit: Care Credit FB page

photo credit: Care Credit FB page

Are you having trouble keeping up with your pets health care or have you run into a big pet expense that you are trying to figure out how to pay for? Did you know that there is a credit card called “Care Credit” that many Traverse City veterinarians accept for services to keep your pet healthy? The cost of annual check-ups, vaccines, dental care and other treatments can get expensive – I know that from personal experience and owning three pets myself.

I am writing this article to make pet owners aware of this option because it’s been such a convenience and has brought me much peace of mind, giving me the ability to take care of my pets when I need to. This is not any sort of paid advertisement, nor have I been asked to write this article by anyone.

I’ve used Care Credit personally for vet exams, medication, blood work, dental work, ACL surgery and more. Several years ago, I switched veterinarians and chose Dr. Izo at Companion Animal Hospital. Although I loved the services they offered and the staff, my bills were getting out of hand with so many pets to care for. After talking with Terry Seymour, Companion Hospital’s practice manager, he made the decision to accept Care Credit and that allowed me to be confident that I could give my pets the care they needed. I continue to be grateful to them for their willingness to listen to a customer’s concerns and they ended up not only helping me, but helping other pet owners as well. Back during that time, there weren’t too many veterinarians in the Traverse City area who accepted the card.

Care Credit is a credit card that can be used for veterinary services as well as for some human needs such as dentistry, hearing and vision issues. You can apply online very easily and there is a link to find out what veterinarians and physicians in your area accept the card. Once you get the card, there are different options about how to pay that have to do with how long you are financing the amount and interest rates are set according to that.

The following veterinarians in Traverse City accept Care Credit:

Animal Medical Center of Traverse City  

Banfield Pet Hospital  

Bay Area Pet Hospital 

BayWest Animal Clinic 

VCA Cherry Bend Animal Hospital  

Cherry Capital Mobile Pet Hospital  

Clarke-Everett Dog and Cat Hospital  

Companion Animal Hospital  

East Bay Animal Hospital (Acme)  

Grand Traverse Veterinary Hospital

Northwood Animal Hospital  

Oakwood Veterinary Hospital  

Northern Michigan Veterinary Hospital (Williamsburg)  


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