Hachi’s New Home: Couple Saves Traverse City Dog from Death Row

Hachi darted to each side of a gravel road, his red collar attached to a long leash as he sniffed his new, bucolic surroundings. Nathan and Breona Moore adopted Hachi, a Siberian husky, Thursday afternoon. The couple intervened when they learned the dog was deemed a dangerous animal and slated for destruction. Hachi wasn’t meant to be a city dog, Moore said. He needs a place to roam.

“It just wasn’t fair,” Nathan Moore said as Hachi planted a lick on his cheek. “They need acres and time and exercise.”

Hachi’s former owner, Joseph Jeremy Kinney, 34 of Traverse City, pleaded guilty to having a stray dog on June 15 in 86th District Court. A charge of allowing a dangerous animal to run at large was dismissed. Click here for more on the story.

According to court papers, the new owners of Hachi have to adhere to the following conditions:

  1. If Hachi kills another dog or cat, or seriously injures a human, full and complete ownership over him shall immediately be transferred to Grand Traverse County;
  2. Owner will notify Grand Traverse County Animal Control if Hachi engages in such behavior, and will notify them of Hachi’s history;
  3. If owner determines that Hachi is not suitable for their home or lifestyle, they will not sell or give Hachi away. They agree not to transfer ownership of Hachi to any person or entity other than Grand Traverse County;
  4. If Hachi is not suitable for their home or lifestyle, they will immediately notify the person in the court papers and also Grand Traverse County Animal Control;
  5. They will take all reasonable precautions to keep Hachi contained either on their property or in the physical control of a capable human.

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