PEACE Ranch Raising Money to Continue Horse Therapy

Healing with horses – that’s how one Northern Michigan group is helping victims of trauma, abuse and neglect. PEACE Ranch stands for Professional Equine Assisted Counseling and Education. The Grand Traverse County nonprofit group provides experiential learning and counseling for the community using 18 rescued horses. 9&10’s Caroline Powers and photojournalist Jeremy Erickson explain how they help people heal, and how they’re raising money to keep doing it.

“It’s one of those services that’s not traditional and not everybody knows about it, but it’s so beneficial for the population that we serve.”

Many think of therapy as a conversation in an office, but Jackie Kaschel and her 18 rescue horses here at PEACE Ranch offer counseling and education in a different way.

“Experiential therapy is for people who have issues to deal with that there aren’t really words to describe how it’s impacted them,” says Jackie Kaschel, executive director of PEACE Ranch. “This helps them to work through that trauma and get to that place where they have more hope and have more healing.” Click here for more on the story.


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