Much Needed Logan’s Law Bills Still Not Passed by Michigan Legislature

photo credit: Logan's Law Facebook page

photo credit: Logan’s Law Facebook page

The Michigan bills referred to as “Logan’s Law” were originally introduced in March of 2012 after an incident where Matt Falk’s Siberian Husky, Logan, was blinded by an acid burn after being attacked in his own back yard. Logan died a few months later. The legislation would make a registry of those convicted of animal abuse, and require any animal shelter to refuse sale/adoption of an animal to anyone on list.

Update on LOGANS LAW from Klint Kesto, State Representative:
517.373.1799 or email

Senate Bills 219 and 220 would require a court to order that a person, as a condition of probation, not possess or own an animal for five years if they have been convicted of animal abuse. These bills passed the Senate on January 28, 2016 and have been referred to Committee on Judiciary in the House of Representatives. We are continuing to review the merits of these two bills. You can track their progress at There have also been a series of bills introduced in the House as well. I have supported HB 4353 and HB 4355 coming out of the Judiciary Committee and furthered my support of it through its passage of the House of Representatives. Currently awaiting consideration before the Michigan Senate, HB 4353 and HB 4355 deal with the issues of SB 219 in a more successful way. These bills understand that abusers shouldn’t be tolerated and the proper, humane treatment of domesticated animals is good for society, and utilizes ICHAT searches to prevent animal abuse.

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