Thursday Fursday Spotlights Hard to Adopt Pets


Ms. Michigan State America Jessica Mason Froehlich appears every Thursday on 104.5 BobFM at 8:15 am with Finster to profile an adoptable animal from the Cherryland Humane Society and talk about rescue events and volunteer opportunities. Froehlich profiles hard to adopt animals like seniors, Pit Bulls and animals who are older or overweight. Their profile and picture also appears on her Facebook page here.

Froehlich is an advocate for children who are bullied and also speaks up for the “bully breeds” like Pit Bulls who often get a bad rap in the media.

main header dog

two dogs on couch

darker dog sleeping

Froehlich is also busy with her AP Paw foster puppies. She is looking after two eight-week-old Pit Bull/Boxer puppies who are already loved by everyone in the family.


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