Michigan Animal Legislative Update

From HSUS Michigan

Michigan puppy mills: HB 4898 to license and regulate large-scale dog breeding facilities, sponsored by Rep. Mike McCready with co-sponsors Reps. Kurt Heise, Harvey Santana, Christine Greig, Klint Kesto, Ken Yonker, Ed Canfield, John Kivela, Gary Glenn, Mike Callton, Al Psholka, and Earl Poleski, passed the House on March 2, 2016 by a vote of 83 to 20 and now awaits a hearing in the Senate Agriculture Committee.

Michigan gas chamber ban: SB 403, “Grant’s Bill” to require the use of the more humane and economical euthanasia by injection in Michigan shelters, sponsored by Sen. Marty Knollenberg with co-sponsors Rick Jones, Ken Horn, Tonya Schuitmaker, John Proos, Curtis Hertel, Jr., Jim Marleau, and Steve Bieda, has passed the Senate Agriculture Committee, now awaiting a vote in the full Senate!  While there are currently NO operating carbon monoxide gas chambers operating in Michigan animal shelters, there is nothing stopping a shelter from using gas to kill its animals at any time. The Michigan legislature must pass SB 403 to prohibit any further use of carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide gas on shelter pets from now on.

Dog adoption: HB 4765 to allow the adoption of dogs seized from fighting cases in Michigan, sponsored by Rep. Mike McCready with co-sponsors Klint Kesto, Michael Webber, Joseph Graves, Ben Glardon, Gary Glenn, Jason Sheppard, Al Pscholka, Ed McBroom, Harvey Santana, and Kurt Heise, has passed the House Criminal Justice Committee and now awaits a vote on the House floor before moving to the Senate.



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