Help Silver Muzzle Complete Their Building for the Senior Dog Cottage

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The Silver Muzzle Cottage continues to rescue homeless senior dogs – but their financial resources are limited due to their project of renovating the Cottage building. Once completed, the Cottage (which was once a warehouse garage) will be a beautiful home for dogs who are in transition from shelter to adoptive homes, or for those who need hospice care. The Cottage facility is nearly complete – 75% of the major work is done, but the remaining 25% still needs to be completed before it can be fully utilized by the seniors in need.

SMC has offered the ‘$10 Challenge’ to it’s over 5000 Facebook followers. If just half of their followers donate $10, SMC would have enough to complete their building AND get back on track of saving homeless seniors in need of their forever homes. They have rescued and found new homes for all but 3 of the 58 dogs they’ve rescued since inception. With basic veterinary care, updates on vaccines and dental care, as well as medications for pain management, the average cost per rescue is $350 -$1000 just to get them on the road to good health before being adopted out.


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