Donations Needed by Early August for Military Working Dogs & Their Handlers Overseas


Care packages will be packed in August for military working dogs and their handlers who are overseas. Sun Dog Kennels has also hosted two previous Military Working Dog Team Support Association (MWDTSA) carepacks with a wonderful group of volunteers who come to help and show their support. The end result this Fall will be 200 boxes packed after months of planning the themed carepacks. This third group of carepacks will be themed “Talk Like a Pirate” and the carepacks will be in hand overseas by September 19th, which is Talk Like a Pirate Day.


Individuals and businesses donated in and outside of Michigan and Traverse City for the last two packs.


Click here for their Amazon Wishlist that they hope supporters will purchase from & donate. Donations are tax deductible. These are just two of many items they will put in the carepacks. Other pirate items, gear, & comforts from home will be sent to complete the carepacks. Please donate by the beginning of August so that the carepacks can be assembled in time.

1. The Nero Ball is important and essential as it is a durable reward toy – what military dogs work for!  The Nero Ball company will give MWDTSA a discount  if you use code MWDTSA16 when ordering the ball.

2. Deathwish Coffee – The handlers love this brand and the packaging fits the theme perfectly. Deathwish Coffee was Inuit Quickbooks Small Business of the Year. Some of the best supporters for the carepacks are small businesses much like SunDog Kennel & DOG Bakery. They can’t wait to see the Pirate DOG Cookie they whip up for us this quarter!

MWDTSA is in their 10th year of supporting both ends of the leash and will be celebrating their 40th consecutive carepack event. From 2006 to 2015, MWDTSA sent a total of 3,536 care packages to deployed K9 teams. This doesn’t include any base visit, virtual kennel visit, or special request packages.


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