Stephanie’s Animal Rescue Downsizes Rescue Operations

from Stephanie…

I wanted to give all my followers a lil information to what’s going on with Stephanie’s Animal Rescue (out of Lake City)…This past year I’ve had to return to full time work as I could no longer find funds to support Stephanie’s Animal Rescue. I truly appreciate each and every $ that has been donated…But costs were much higher than donations. We are NOT closing or no longer rescuing the problem is we had SEVERAL adults that had to be only pets which makes placement more difficult, so with my time spent with them very limited we had to downsize. I was always home to exercise and give attention in the past so my numbers could be a little higher, unfortunately that had to change. We have adopted out a lot of my adults but there is still 4 currently adoptable adults and 2 that our ‘sanctuary’ or I’ve deemed currently un-adoptable but will remain with me for their life times. I have continued and will continue to accept young dogs or ‘other’ breeds as people contact me looking for specific breeds. I will continue doing ‘my’ work but it will be on a more limited capacity. Thank you for your support…

Click here for Stephanie’s Animal Rescue FB page.



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