Silver Muzzle Cottage Senior Dogs Need Your Help

Simba is up for adoption with Silver Muzzle Cottage.

Simba is up for adoption with Silver Muzzle Cottage.

It takes a village to keep an animal rescue organization going. Silver Muzzle Cottage wrapped up 2015 with 46 rescues and with 38 of the dogs finding new, loving homes. Five old souls passed over to the Rainbow Bridge and three are currently in foster care, awaiting their forever families. The Cottage is near completion with only the connection to the main building being the last piece of the project – and painting needed as well. They could not have accomplished so much last year if not for the efforts and contributions of their volunteers and supporters who gave their time and money.

In order to keep rescuing senior dogs, Silver Muzzle Cottage is reaching out to their supporters and asking for help with the care of their dogs. More volunteers are needed to visit, walk and care for these senior dogs to keep them comfortable and assist with the rescue organization’s work. It is their goal to have each day covered by volunteers like a small business of sorts.

How can you help? Volunteers are needed to sit in the lounge and visit the dogs, cleaning up poop (the glamourous job!), mopping floors, taking dogs to vet appointments, providing time outside of the building on walks or visits. The organization hopes to come up with schedules so that the dogs needs can be taken care of for feeding and exercise. Helping these dogs means so much to them – and allows the rescue organization to keep savings dogs.

Please contact them at (231) 264-8408 or email if you can volunteer some of your time to this great organization. You can also sign up online at this link.


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