Update on Mio Puppy Mill Rescue

photo credit: ASPCA

photo credit: ASPCA

In December of 2015, more than 50 dogs were seized in a cruelty investigation in Mio. The ASPCA assisted Oscoda County in the removal of the dogs from the home after finding unsanitary and overcrowded conditions. The dogs were a mix of puppies and adults, some Schnauzers and English Bull Dogs. For more on the story, click here.

A video of scenes from the rescue can be seen here.

The dogs were transported to a temporary shelter at The Roscommon County Animal Shelter in Prudenville released the following statement on their Facebook page.

“Thank you for you continued patience inquiring for the seized Mio dogs; please know these dogs are not ours nor do we know their final destination, however the case is still an on going investigation and no disposition has been decided until due process has taken its course… We can not take names on other people’s property until they are found guilty or they give up their rights to pet ownership. When and if these animals become ours or the ASPCA it will then be announced on our FB page and or the ASPCA Web page. Meanwhile the dogs are not available for public viewing, they are kept in a clean, quiet environment while they are decompressing, learning to socialize & trust humans. Thank you for your consideration, patience & understanding.” – RCAC TEAM

An update from the Roscommon County Animal Shelter on the status of the dogs can also be viewed here.

Donations are needed to help care for the dogs including the following: Small Clean Blankets, Towels & Food. And always needed: Medicine, Cages & Carriers, Kitty Litter, Paper Towels, Heat Lamps & Pad.

Monetary Donations can also be made to the Shelter at 1110 Short Drive, Prudenville MI 48651. When bringing donations, please call first in case doors are locked while Staff is in the back cleaning, feedings & giving meds -989-366-0260, press 1 when prompted.


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2 thoughts on “Update on Mio Puppy Mill Rescue

  1. Robert January 31, 2016 at 12:19 am Reply

    Really love to adopt one of English bull dogs also would love to foster dos and cats and hourses.231-468-8815ask for robert than you.

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