22-Year-Old Otis and Wandering Simone are Found After Months on the Lamb


If only our pets could talk and tell us about their adventures. Otis, a beautiful black kitty, had been missing for nearly two months and his pet parents feared the worse. He was an indoor cat and not equipped for life outside. A friend of theirs saw a post about the cat on the AC PAW Facebook page and told the owners to check it out. It turned out that Otis was their cat! And he was not injured as the veterinarian first thought. He was just old, arthritic, tired, hungry and dehydrated – but he perked right up once he was warmed, fed, rehydrated and back home.


Another cat, named Simone, recently came home after being for almost half a year. Her pet mom, Tracey Hamilton recently posted on the Grand Traverse Lost and Found Pet site, “After 6 months of looking, wondering, worrying, crying, putting up fliers, contacting a pet psychic, hoping and praying for our beautiful Simone to come home, and she has! She showed up late last night, and we have not stopped loving on her since. She seems happy, healthy and her fluffy, lovey self. Thank you to the GTA lost and found for continually posting her picture, and thank you to everyone on here for your support and words of hope and encouragement. For anyone still looking for their lost pet, never give up!”

As upset as everyone is about lost and found services for dogs not currently being offered Grand Traverse County, it’s even worse for cats. The cats in our county have always been on their own to be found by their owners. Our County has never offered animal control services for cats like most counties do. You would think that a county like Grand Traverse with it’s animal loving population and large budget would be a shining example of compassionate animal services for the county’s pets. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Although animal control services seem to be a priority for county residents, they do not seem so be a priority with the county.

Even Kalkaska County, one of the poorest counties in our area, has an animal control officer and a part-time administrative assistant. They took in 243 dogs and 134 cats in 2014 (Grand Traverse County took in 261 dogs). This was done with only a $100,000 budget (most of which came from a taxpayer millage). Sheriff Israel had said, ““We’re already short of deputies for things like road patrol,” he said. “There’s no way they can do what the ACO does (without the millage).



One thought on “22-Year-Old Otis and Wandering Simone are Found After Months on the Lamb

  1. Deb Miner January 3, 2016 at 5:06 pm Reply

    Good information. Thanks for putting it out there for all of to read.

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