Tips on Holiday Safety for Pets

from Dr. Baxter, Chief Veterinary Officer of Vet On Demand

· Tinsel, ribbon, ornaments and plastic bags – Swallowing stuff that’s not meant to be eaten can cause very serious problems and be extremely hard to diagnose. Unless you see it being eaten it is a tough diagnosis. Monitor yours pets that have a tendency to chew.

· Plants – Holly, Mistletoe, Poinsettias, Tree needles – If your pet is a plant chewer / eater then position the plants out of reach of your pet. Remember to pick up fallen leaves/needles, limbs and berries.

· Lights – Electricity. Might I say the cat in “Christmas Vacation.” Electrocution and electrical burns do happen so if you have a chewer beware of any cords that might appear attractive to your pet.

· Candles – Pleasant and attractive flavors and odors. However, very few, if any, pets understand the dangers of fire and what it can do. This is probably a bigger problem with cats than dogs.

· Your pet is sick and your vet is closed. You do not know if it is really a problem, an emergency or not really anything. That is the time to call Vet On Demand and speak with one of our licensed veterinarians – face to face. Get help, advice and direction on what you need to do for your pet. Your pets care is in your hands. Don’t depend on Dr. Google who can just as easily give you bad advice as good advice. Let the Vet On Demand APP and Doctors help you care for your pet and have a Fun and Festive Holiday Season.

· Download the Vet On Demand APP today here.

· Post on your refrigerator ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center 888-426-4435


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