Take 12 Kind Acts Challenge to Help the Pets and Staff at Your Local Animal Shelter


This holiday season, The HSUS is challenging you to do 12 Kind Acts for the animals and/or staff at animal shelters in your area of Michigan. If one act of kindness can be life-changing, think of what 12 can do! Here are a few ideas to get you started, but the sky is the limit!

1.       Volunteer during the holidays when staff is lean

2.       Send letters to editor about the good work the shelter is doing

3.       Collect towels and blankets from the community and deliver to the shelter

4.       Bring holiday goodies to staff to say thank you

5.       Purchase or make enrichment toys for dogs, cats, and other homeless pets at the shelter

6.       Create a wish list for the shelter and share in public places

7.       Create goodie bags for holiday adopters

8.       Help the staff market long-time shelter residents

You can post pictures of your kind acts on the HSUS Michigan Facebook page at www.Facebook.com/HSUSMichigan and they will be shared to motivate others to do the same. And if you’re on Twitter, please use #12KINDACTS.


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