Enjoying Autumn With Your Dog

The heat and humidity levels have lessened. The days are getting shorter. The air is crisp. Leaves are turning to their fall colors. You survived the dog days of summer. Autumn revives your interest in being outside again. Go and take your dog with you. Exercise is good for your dog all year long, but it is more fun when it cools down. Most dogs love good vigorous hikes so he can use up some of his energy and discover new smells. Pick a hiking trail where the two of you can wander for a few hours. Be sure to take along plenty of snacks and water for both of you. Start with a short hike and progress to longer ones as he develops some endurance.

Most parks and hiking trails require that dogs be kept on a leash. If they are permitted to run loose, don’t let your dog be without his leash unless you are absolutely positive he will come promptly when called. Bring some baggies to clean up after him. If you have an older dog or a very young one who isn’t up to a long hike there is nothing wrong with doing a short one. Be sure that he is current on all flea and tick medications. Hiking trails and parks are perfect places for him to pick up tick and fleas. Click here for the rest of the story.


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