Detroit Animal Control Looking for Rescues and Animal Shelters Who Are Willing to Save Dogs

From Pet Fund Alliance

Positive changes have just begun under the leadership of Mayor Duggan for the homeless cats and dogs in Detroit.  For the first time in years, dogs and puppies were allowed to be transferred to licensed shelters and adopted by non-profit rescues from the shelterThis was a momentous victory, but only the first step of many more to come.  For example, cat transfers started last week. 

The Michigan Fund Alliance is pleased to be one of several organizations assisting with this effort. For many, the commitment to improve has been long in coming and it is hard to be patient while slow but sure progress is being made. We know it wouldn’t happen overnight and there will be frustrations and challenges along the way, but we refuse to take our eyes off the end-game: a totally reformed agency with a mission, a vision, and operations that protect animals and people in the City of Detroit. We need to support progress in concrete ways and offer positive ideas for best practices.

We are asking each and every person who cares about Detroit’s cats and dogs to look forward and be patient.  It is counterproductive to bash the people who are agreeing to make change or rehash prior injustices that we can’t change – but we can work to make sure improvements are made and injustices are not repeated.

How can you help?  

  • If you are a rescue organization, the city needs rescues and shelters to step up and intake the dogs and cats already made available for transfer. See instructions below. (Editors note: veterinarians who rescue are also needed for dogs who might need training or medical care).
  • If you are not already involved in animal welfare, the rescues and shelters pulling these animals need more volunteers and foster care homes. Help them so they can continue to help DAC.
  • If you are a caring citizen but might not have the time to volunteer or direct hands-on help, financially support those homebased rescue organizations and shelters that are pulling from Detroit, or contribute to our Judith Middleton Kroon fund so that we can offer grants to certified rescue organizations that pull dogs and cats from the shelter:  
  • We hope to shortly launch a fundraising effort to secure a commercial grade washer and dryer for the shelter. If you know of a source that would like to donate this equipment, let us know.  There are many ways to get involved and continue to push for progress.

Looking forward – not back.


Thank you,

Michigan Pet Fund Alliance


To see which animals are available, you must join the Facebook group Michigan Animal Transport Network (MATN). Photos of available animals will be posted there. To join the group, have the director of your organization private message Jmartin MHS or email, identify your organization, and request specific members of your organization be added to the group and also be authorized to pull and post for your organization.  These members should then send a friend request to Jmartin MHS. (Please be patient as she is receiving many requests, which must be researched, and she is working as quickly as possible.)

NOTE: The Michigan Animal Transport Network (MATN) page is a place for all groups to post animals for transfer. Once an animal has been posted, interested parties are asked to contact the posting organization offline by whatever guidelines the posting org has set: PM, email, phone, etc. The transfer is completely independent and apart from the MATN and occurs solely between the posting organization and the party interested in receiving the animal. Decisions on who gets what animal is entirely up to the posting organization.

If you have a question about an animal or a posting party’s procedures – please contact the posting party directly.

Each rescue must pay a refundable $25 (cash only) spay/neuter deposit per animal to Detroit Animal Control, which is a state requirement. To make arrangements to intake an animal from Detroit Animal Control, you must email

Rules of engagement:

– Be polite and be patient

– Do not show up at Detroit Animal Control unannounced

– Do not call the mayor’s office

– Work within the process that is currently in place (more changes and improvements are coming!)



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