Animal Shelter Updates from Michigan Pet Fund Alliance

Genesee County Animal Control is making progress now that new management is in place. Animals are now being spayed/neutered before adoption, but there is still work to be done. Listen to an interview by Tom Sumner of WKUF 94.3 FM with Roberta Angelo and Leann Earns of GRACE here.

Humane Society of Macomb County has responded to community protests by collaborating with rescue groups, making shelter improvements, changing adoption policies, and more.  Michigan Pet Fund Alliance and award-winning Humane Society of Huron Valley have willingly offered guidance and recommendations for changes. Read the latest coverage here.

If you are part of a rescue group willing to take animals from Humane Society of Macomb, apply here.

Thank you, Michigan Pet Fund Alliance, for the updates!


One thought on “Animal Shelter Updates from Michigan Pet Fund Alliance

  1. Michele Simons November 7, 2015 at 10:01 am Reply

    Last night on TV 5 they showed Sanilac co a/c bit I can’t recall the issue or problem. Old timers disease. Warm temps now a memory. Took convertible to Caseville Wednesday. Pure Michigan! Michele/Muzzik

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