The Little Traverse Bay Humane Society is on a Roll – of Adoptions!

photo credit: LTBHS website

photo credit: LTBHS website

At the beginning of each year, The Little Traverse Bay Humane Society make goals for the following year. After the success they achieved in 2014, they knew they had to step it up this year. In 2014, their goal was to find homes for 650 animals—a goal they greatly surpassed when they found homes for over 700 dogs and cats! They broke all previous adoption records, which is something they are very proud of! This year, they decided, they should shoot for 725 adoptions. They are thrilled to report that they are well on their way to meet this number, and possibly surpass it! So far in 2015, they have rescued 196 dogs, 87 puppies, 90 cats and a whopping 209 kittens-whew! That’s a total of 582 animals, which puts them ahead of where they need to be at this time this year to meet their 725 goal. They are hopeful that in the last few months of 2015, they will continue to maintain these high numbers and find homes for more animals than ever! Click here for more on the story.


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