More than 80 Horribly Neglected and Abused Animals Seized in Alpena County

Photo credit: Huron Humane Society of Alpena's FB page

Photo credit: Huron Humane Society of Alpena’s FB page

In Alpena County, Michigan, deputies with the Alpena County Sheriff’s Office seized more than 80 animals from horrific conditions, reports the news release here.

Deputies were assisted by Alpena County Animal Control, Huron Humane Society, and the Michigan Department of Agriculture in the seizure of dogs, pigs, donkeys, birds and other livestock. One animal control officer described 30 cocker spaniels running free inside of the home with matted coats and covered in feces. According to MLive, their paw pads were encrusted with dried feces, making it difficult for the dogs to even walk. Horses and donkeys were kept inside of a barn with pigs; the only light coming in from beneath the doors. Officer Lexee Cronk, stated, “It was by far one of the worst neglect cases we’ve seen. They (the horses) never got to move into the pasture.”

For the rest of the story, click here.


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