Overlooked and in Need of Homes – These Great Pets Deserve to Be Noticed

Many times, adoptable cats and dogs get overlooked because they have special needs, are older, are shy at adoptions, or adopters just find other pets who fit their families better. The pets below are great finds and deserve a little extra “advertising” so that they don’t have to wait at the shelter or in a foster home any longer. They deserve a family to love them. Here they are, in their own words, telling you how wonderful they are…


ARIEL – Adoptable at Cherryland Humane Society
Female – Domestic medium hair cat – 1 yr. old – 8 lbs. – Spayed

Hi everyone! I’m Ariel and I love to give hugs and kisses! I can get a little cranky about being in my cage (who wouldn’t?!) and it takes me a while to feel comfortable with a new person but if you give me time and are patient with me, I’ll learn to trust you and will bring you endless joy. I have a cloudy left eye but the vet says I’m fine. I have a beautiful coat, am very talkative and have lots of energy. Are you the forever home I’m waiting for? Please stop by and take me for a walk. We can talk about how great we would be together! Click here for my link.

baby ruth

BABY RUTH – Adoptable with AC PAW
Female – Shorthair gray cat – 3 yrs. 4 mos. – Housetrained – Not Declawed

Hello, my name is Miss Ruth (also known as Baby Ruth). When my mom was rescued by AC PAW over two years ago, she was pregnant and gave birth to four kittens. My mom and siblings were adopted a long time ago but for some reason, I’m still here. Maybe people don’t want a tail-less cat, but after a few days, you won’t notice it’s missing. I don’t have a tail, because I’m a Manx and so was my mom. I am looking for a forever home with no other cats because I am the queen of my castle and don’t usually get along with other kitties. I am a GREAT cat – just ask me. I always use my litter box and don’t jump on the kitchen counters. I’m very well behaved. I am not much of lap kitty but I like to be carried around. I’m very communicative – I’ll let you know when I’m hungry so you don’t have to guess. I LOVE my toys, especially the mice and keep my foster mom laughing all the time. She says I’m a joy to have around (obviously!) and I really love visitors coming over to tell me how cute I am. I need a special moist food to go with my dry food but that isn’t really a big deal… I’m worth it. What’s not to love????  Click here for AC PAW website.


HANK – Adoptable with AC PAW
Male – Short Coat Hound Mix – About six years old – Housetrained – Neutered

Hello dog lovers! My name is Hank and I was found under some shrubs in January of 2014. I was taken to Antrim County Animal Control and then rescued by AC PAW. I was in rough shape and very skinny. I was scared of everyone and everything. After spending time in my foster home, I have gained more trust with people, places and things – but I’m still pretty shy. I get along with kids and other animals just fine if you have any of those in your house. My foster mom says I’m a sweetie who deserves a wonderful home after all I’ve gone through. I’m kennel trained and handsome. What more could you ask for? Do you have a fenced-in yard? I would LOVE to be my Hound self and run around with you. Wow, after reading this bio, I think you need to hurry and meet me. I will probably get adopted very soon after the word is out about me! Click here for AC PAW website.


JACK – Adoptable at Cherryland Humane Society
Male – French Bulldog/American Pit Bull Terrier – 5 yrs. old – 59 lbs. – Neutered

Howdy, my name is Jack! Everyone tells me that I am a super sweet boy with uniquely pointy ears! I love to go for walks, I love treats and I know basic commands like sit and shake. I love people and get along well with other dogs. I would probably do best in a home with older children because I’m told I play a little rough sometimes when I get excited, – but I am very smart and would learn quickly with training. As for cats, well I’m not sure I’ve ever met any! I’ve been patiently waiting for my forever home for a long time. I get really depressed in my cage – I would SOOOO love to find a family soon. Won’t you please come and see me? Click here for my link.


JASPER – Adoptable at Cherryland Humane Society
Male – American Staffordshire Terrier – 1-1/2 yrs. old – 61 lbs. – Neutered

Hello future family! The staff at Cherryland Humane Society says that I am young, strong, stubborn, smart and affectionate! I am looking for a family with a patient pack leader – a smart, energetic human who can channel my wonderful inherent characteristics into being your best friend! I’m just here at the shelter waiting patiently to be discovered, just like those actors in Hollywood. Someday, someone will figure out how great I am. Will you be the lucky one? Click here for my link.


PEANUT – Adoptable with AC PAW
Female – Short hair gray and white cat – 7-1/2 yrs. old – Housetrained – Declawed

Hi there! Just because my name is Peanut, doesn’t mean I’m a nut! Ha ha. It’s an old joke but I never get tired of telling it. My last family had to give me up because they could no longer care for me. My veterinarian called AC PAW because they knew that I could find a new home with them. I am what the “experts” call a special needs kitty. I won’t argue about that because I’ve always known I was special. I have a cleft paw on my left foot and have lost some of my toes. My main pad is missing and I have corns on my cleft paw that need to be trimmed regularly. They say it was a birth defect but I get around very good. I will hold up my paw sometimes but I don’t limp. I am a lap cat and I like to be with my family a lot – and I talk to them a lot about what’s going on in my life. I like other kitties but I don’t think I should go in a home with a dog because I can’t run away from them and you know how dogs are!! I’m on a diet of Purina Gentle food because I get urinary tract infections. I know it sounds like a lot of work but it’s really not – and I will LOVE you so much back in return that you won’t even notice the small extra effort it takes to be my mom or dad. No one’s perfect. I will accept all of your flaws too – like giving me my dinner two minutes late (LOL). Click here for AC PAW website.


SAMMY – Adoptable with H.A.N.D.D.S. to the Rescue
Male – Cocker Spaniel – 12 yrs. old – Neutered

Good morning, good afternoon and good evening everyone. My name is Sammy and I’m a 12-year-old Cocker Spaniel. A great one too – I’m really good at it! I am shy when I first meet you but I warm up to people after a little while. I’m crate trained and mostly housebroken. I just need a little patience to adjust to new things and learn all the rules. I’m looking for a quiet house to spend my senior days and will look forward to scratches on my rear (I love those! They are definitely mandatory if you adopt me!). I am even being offered at a discount of $50 because I’m a senior. What a deal for a great guy like me! You can’t beat that. Click here for my link.


TIA – Adoptable with H.A.N.D.D.S. to the Rescue
Female – Johnson American Bulldog Mix – 1-1/2 yrs. old

Hello world. I’m Tia! I’m looking for a family of my own. Some of my friends have left after adoption day and that is sad but they’ve texted me and told me that they are in a new family and having a great time – and they are SO sad that I haven’t found one yet. Everyone thinks I’m a pretty and very sweet girl but no one has decided to take me home for good. Sometimes there are things that make if hard to find a new home and maybe that’s why I am still in foster care. I can’t go to a home with cats or other small animals because I love to chase things and that gets me in trouble. If you have a larger dog in your house, my foster mom says that we’d have to meet each other first to make sure I don’t overwhelm your other doggie with my energy. I get pretty intense sometimes when I play because it’s so much fun. If you don’t have any other pets, that would be fantastic because I’d be your only kid and we could love on each other with no distractions! Kids are cool but since I’m still a puppy, I like to jump and try to knock them down. You might not be happy with that. I know it sounds like I’m high maintenance but really I’m not. My foster mom just wants to find me the right home where we all can be happy and indulge ourselves in puppy kisses!! Click here for the H.A.N.D.D.S. to the Rescue website.


ZIGGY – Adoptable with AC PAW
Male – Medium hair cat – 9 years old

Hello, I’m Ziggy! I’m an adorable nine year old kitty and I love to be petted. I’ll sit on your lap for a long, long time if you keep petting me. I’m not a super active kitty but I like to play for a little while with my toys so I can be near you and hang out. I love the cat tower in my foster home and I love window perches too. Those are the coolest things because you can watch birds and squirrels and things out the window even if you’re short. I’m looking to be an only cat so that we can devote our time to each other as much as possible. I’d love to meet you and discuss our future together! Click here for AC PAW website.


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