Local Nonprofit 1 Cat Inc. Offering Low Cost Cat Spay & Neuter Services with Recently Purchased Mobile Unit

trailer 2

Local animal advocate  and founder of 1 Cat Inc. Susan Boyd recently purchased a MASH unit (mobile animal sterilization hospital) for feline spaying and neutering. The trailer was purchased from retired veterinarian Dr. Bullerdick to offer low cost spays and neuters for cats in Northern Lower Michigan. 1 Cat Inc. works with veterinarian Megan Grant and Vet Tech Kelly Lemcool.

The first clinic went well with 17 cats spayed and neutered and a second clinic was also held recently at Tractor Supply at Chums Corners in Traverse City. The Northwoods Animal Coalition will be holding clinics on July 22nd and August 19th at the Kalkaska Animal Control location. 1 Cat is also spreading the word to places like Cherryland Humane Society and local rescues about their services. In addition to Boyd, Sandy Robey and Doug Campbell have been instrumental in these clinics, contributing towards the trailer as well as volunteering their time to do advertising and registrations on clinic days and anything else that needs to be done. They have been with 1 Cat Inc. for the past four years.

inside tables

inside shelf

The cost for a cat neuter is $30 and a feline spay is $65. Vaccinations (rabies and FVRPC) are $!5 each. Treatment for earmites, fleas and intestinal parasites (worms) are offered as well as nail trims.

1 Cat, Inc. is also sharing the trailer with the Charlevoix Humane Society who is currently planning their own spay and neuter clinics. Please contact 231-582-6774 for more information.

Spaying or neutering a cat has many benefits. It reduces the number of homeless cats in the future which means less cats are killed. Approximately 3.4 million homeless cats enter animal shelters every year and about 41% are euthanized according to the ASPCA. In Michigan alone, 34,977 cats were killed in animal shelters in 2013 according to the Michigan Department of Agriculture almost 39% of the number of cats who were brought into Michigan animal shelters.

Spaying and neutering can also improve a cats health and protect them from serious health problems later in life such as breast and testicular cancer and uterine infections. In a USA Today article from 2013, they cite that pets who live in states with the highest rates of spaying and neutering also live the longest. Another benefit of spaying and neutering is the reduction of unruly cat behavior. It eliminates heat cycles and makes cats less inclined to roam or to spay or urinate in the house.

Sandy Robey and Doug Campbell

Sandy Robey and Doug Campbell

If you would like to register for any of the 1 Cat upcoming clinic dates, please complete the registration form at the 1 Cat Inc. website and review the pre-surgery instructions and other requirements. Email Susan here for more information.

1 Cat, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to the welfare of cats – and dogs too. In addition to offering low cost spay/neuter services, they also provide humane traps for anyone who is a caretaker for strays and ferals and with to implement a trap/neuter/return program on their property. You can find them on Facebook here and donate You can donate to them on their contact page here.


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One thought on “Local Nonprofit 1 Cat Inc. Offering Low Cost Cat Spay & Neuter Services with Recently Purchased Mobile Unit

  1. Gail Williams May 22, 2015 at 12:28 pm Reply

    Would you come to the Alpena area so time in the future?

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