Mi-PACA Advocate Spotlight Call for Nominations

Across America and in every corner of Michigan, people are advocating for changes in how we treat our wildlife, our livestock and our pets, especially those that find themselves homeless, discriminated against or threatened to the point of possible extinction. Those advocates who work tirelessly to enact change in our state deserve our ongoing respect and our support.


Michigan’s Political Action Committee for Animals (Mi-PACA) publishes a monthly Advocate Spotlight to honor those who advocate for big-picture changes for animals in their community. Who do you think deserves this recognition? Chosen advocates are nominated by their peers and Mi-PACA is looking for additional nominations throughout Michigan.

To nominate an advocate who you feel fits the bill, please email info@mi-paca.org and include the nominee name, email address and a brief description of why you are nominating this person.

Mi-PACA is also looking for nominations for its Humane Policymaker Spotlight, which recognizes elected officials who are leading the way to make positive changes for animals in their jurisdiction. If you know of a politician who deserves this honor, please send the official’s name, title and email address, as well as reasons for your nomination to info@mi-paca.org.

About Mi-PACA

Mi-PACA is Michigan’s only statewide political action committee for animals. The PAC’s mission is to improve the lives of animals in the state of Michigan by endorsing elected officials who support shelter reform and animal protection legislation. Mi-PACA believes that, by working with elected officials on the welfare of Michigan’s pets, wildlife and farm animals, listening to each other’s ideas and keeping our lines of communication open, we can continue to create meaningful, lasting change.

Mi-PACA’s work focuses on a singular objective — creating a dynamic, growing voting bloc of animal welfare advocates to elect those who support animal protection. Mi-PACA’s goal is to make significant changes for animals in each Michigan municipality and to bring real change to every corner of our state. How? By organizing Michigan voters into voting blocs. The PAC then keeps those blocs informed as to how their elected officials vote on animal welfare issues of real interest to them.


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