How to Design Your Pet-Friendly Living Room

In most cases, pet owners feel that their pet is part of the family. When relaxing in the main living area, they are happy to share their space with their pet, and consider this natural and right. It is important, therefore, that your living room is designed, or modified, to accommodate pets and their bedding so that you are both comfortable, and your home is hygienic.

When designing a living room to share with a pet, ventilation for fresh air is important, but a draft-free area for the pet’s bed should also be a consideration. You may feel that under-floor heating will be a luxury for your dog, but bear in mind that some breeds may actually dislike too much heat. Whatever you decide, an easy-to-clean floor, such as concrete, stone, tiles, vinyl, laminate or hardwood, will be the best choice. It will be worth doing a little research when choosing flooring, however, as some dogs may have trouble with traction on hard floors, or claws or nails might scratch the surface of some wood. If you prefer carpet in your living room, choose carpet tiles that can be removed and washed, or opt for a low-pile carpet.

When decorating, paint walls using emulsion that can be wiped clean with a sponge. With sofas and chairs, it will depend on whether you intend to allow your dog on the furniture as to what fabric you choose. Fabrics will quickly become discolored, and dirty marks will appear (whether or not you allow them to actually lie on the furniture) from their coats when they brush past. Leather is much easier to wipe clean and vacuum to get rid of marks and pet hair, and is also extremely durable. Consider washable covers or throws to protect fabric sofas. Keep pets properly groomed to minimize pet hair in your home, and consider purchasing a vacuum cleaner that is adapted for pet hair.

If you do not intend to allow your pet to lie on the furniture, make this the rule straight away, and provide a comfortable bed for them. Choose an area for their bed where they can lie away from human petting, and respect their space when they choose to lie there. Dog beds, and even pet furniture, can be chosen to match your colors and décor so that your living area is tasteful as well as pet-friendly. Just like with a child, designate an area or box to store their toys, out of sight if you prefer. For those that want to take the design of their living room even further, consider a homemade window seat for your dog to watch the world go by in comfort; customize a niche under the stairs for your pet’s bed, or install a dog door, flap or tunnel.

Consider an air purifier to keep pet allergies in check, and use air fresheners and deodorizing products to keep your living room smelling divine. It is possible to design a living area that is comfortable for you and your pet, as well as decorated to your taste, and suited to all of your family’s requirements. Then you can sit back and relish relaxing, quality time with your pet, while also enjoying your beautiful living room.



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